Lyle and Miles Thompson appear in their 1st Nike video ad
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Miles and Lyle Thompson Star in Nike “Short A Guy” Spot

Miles and Lyle Thompson appear in their first Nike video ad, “Short A Guy.” With the amount of attention these two are bringing to the sport, the game is only going to continue to grow.

Lyle and Miles Thompson appear in their 1st Nike video ad

Nike’s newest ad is all about a kid who is bouncing through pick-up games on the hottest day of the summer with some of the best known athletes in the world who happen to be in need of one more player. There are multiple big name Nike athletes in the ad including: Anthony Davis, Andrew Luck, and Misty May-Treanor to go along with the Thompsons.

His day begins by just playing basketball with his friends and the rest of his afternoon only gets better from there. Real or not, meeting athlete after athlete and getting to play along side them would be an incredible experience.

At the end of the spot, the kid is exhausted but obviously can’t miss the chance to hop back on the court where he started to hoop with Anthony Davis!

Miles Thompson and Jeremy Thompson Minnesota Swarm vs Edmonton Rush NLL Photo Credit: Dale MacMillan
Photo Credit: Dale MacMillan

Lyle and Miles Thompson appear in their 1st Nike video ad

Miles and Lyle Thompson have added tremendous flash and unprecedented creativity to the game. Whether it’s the back-hand shot while dodging from X or just the awareness to know everyone’s place on the field is incredible. Lyle even showed glimpses of it again during his senior season with fellow University of Albany attackman, Connor Fields,

As more and more lacrosse athletes get signed with bigger name companies like Nike, lacrosse will be shared to a bigger audience. There are other barriers of entry to the game but with publicity like this, lacrosse can keep trickling into the mainstream.

Hopefully TV spots like this one can help bring a higher demand for lacrosse games on television too. Big TV contract deals would really boost revenue for the sport and could support the push to remove the need for pro players to work jobs outside of playing lacrosse.