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MLL Regular Season Awards Nominees Announced For 2019

Major League Lacrosse today announced the shortlist for the end of MLL regular season awards. Fans can vote on the winner of the six of these honors.

Major League Lacrosse today announced the shortlist for the end of MLL regular season awards. This year, MLL fans will be able to vote on six regular season awards: Coca-Cola Most Valuable Player, Warrior Offensive Player of the Year, Warrior Defensive Player of the Year, Brine Goalie of the Year, Tito’s Coach of the Year, and Cascade Rookie of the Year.

MLL Honors presented by New Balance will take place at Union Station on October 5th. The event will be hosted by Alexis Perry and streamed live on Perry is a Denver native and has more than ten years of experience within the sports industry in Denver. Currently, Perry works as an on-field reporter during the Denver Outlaws games and as a producer, reporter and on-air host with the Denver Broncos.

The winners of the six MLL regular season awards will be announced live during the broadcast of the event. Winners will be selected through a combination of the fan vote and voting by current MLL coaches and general managers. The MLL Honors presented by New Balance falls between the MLL Semifinals, set to be held October 4th at Peter Barton Lacrosse Stadium on the campus of the University of Denver, and the MLL Championship Game, set for October 6th at Dick’s Sporting Goods Park in Commerce City, CO. The MLL semi-final and Championship games will be nationally broadcast on ESPN2.

Voting for the six awards opens today at 5pm ET on, and will remain open through September 20, at 5pm ET. Fans may vote as many times as they would like for their favorite players.

2019 MLL Regular Season Award Nominees

Coca-Cola Most Valuable Player

This award is presented to the athlete whose overall performance and impact were proven to be the most valuable to his team’s success during the regular season. Last year the Coca-Cola Most Valuable Player of the year was presented to Rob Pannell.

  1. Shayne Jackson, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Randy Staats, Atlanta Blaze
  3. Bryan Cole, Atlanta Blaze
  4. Mark Cockerton, Boston Cannons
  5. Lyle Thompson, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  6. Sean Sconone, Dallas Rattlers
  7. Craig Chick, Dallas Rattlers
  8. Zach Currier, Denver Outlaws
  9. John Grant Jr., Denver Outlaws
  10. Rob Pannell, New York Lizards

Warrior Offensive Player of the Year

This award is presented to the athlete whose offensive performance was outstanding throughout the regular season.

  1. Shayne Jackson, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Tommy Palasek, Atlanta Blaze
  3. Randy Staats, Atlanta Blaze
  4. Bryan Cole, Atlanta Blaze
  5. Mark Cockerton, Boston Cannons
  6. Lyle Thompson, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  7. Steele Stanwick, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  8. Chris Aslanian, Denver Outlaws
  9. Zach Currier, Denver Outlaws
  10. Rob Pannell, New York Lizards

Warrior Defensive Player of the Year

This award is presented to the athlete whose defensive contributions to his team were exceptional during the regular season.

  1. Liam Byrnes, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Justin Pugal, Boston Cannons
  3. Ryland Rees, Boston Cannons
  4. Jesse Bernhardt, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  5. Greg Danseglio, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  6. Craig Chick, Dallas Rattlers
  7. Jake Pulver, Dallas Rattlers
  8. Finn Sullivan, Denver Outlaws
  9. Ben Randall, New York Lizards
  10. Alex Spring, New York Lizards

Brine Goalie of the Year

This award is presented to the goalie whose performance was deemed to be best among his peers in the regular season.

  1. Chris Madalon, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Nick Marrocco, Boston Cannons
  3. Niko Amato, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  4. Sean Sconone, Dallas Rattlers
  5. Dillon Ward, Denver Outlaws
  6. Austin Kaut, New York Lizards

Tito’s Coach of the Year

This award is presented to the coach who provided outstanding leadership for his team during the regular season.

  1. Liam Banks, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Sean Quirk, Boston Cannons
  3. Dave Cottle, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  4. Bill Warder, Dallas Rattlers
  5. Tony Seaman, Denver Outlaws
  6. BJ O’Hara, New York Lizards

Cascade Rookie of the Year

This award is presented to the rookie whose performance was outstanding during his first regular season in the league, which also was the year he completed his NCAA career.

  1. Alex Woodall, Atlanta Blaze
  2. Ryland Rees, Boston Cannons
  3. Zach Goodrich, Boston Cannons
  4. Andrew Kew, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  5. Warren Jeffrey, Chesapeake Bayhawks
  6. Bradley Voigt, Dallas Rattlers
  7. Sean Sconone, Dallas Rattlers
  8. Craig Chick, Dallas Rattlers
  9. Chris Aslanian, Denver Outlaws

The second annual David Huntley Man of the Year Award will be announced during the MLL Honors presented by New Balance in memory of the former MLL head coach who passed away in December 2017. The award will be presented to a player who has demonstrated “outstanding sportsmanship, professionalism and service to his community.”

The Maverik Players Choice Award will be given out to the player who is considered “the best teammate in Major League Lacrosse.” This award is in its second season and is voted on by the players. The player with the highest percentage of votes from their teammates is named the winner of the Maverik Players Choice Award. In its inaugural season last year, the award was won by Mitch Belisle of the Boston Cannons.

About Major League Lacrosse

Major League Lacrosse (MLL), based in Boston, is the premier professional field lacrosse league. MLL has led lacrosse’s growth into the mainstream of competitive team sports since 2001. In the spring of 2018, MLL entered into new leadership for the first time in 14 years when it selected Alexander Brown as the Commissioner. Since that time MLL has been on an aggressive path towards sustainably developing and growing the league. The league currently features six teams: the Atlanta Blaze, the Boston Cannons, the Chesapeake Bayhawks, the Dallas Rattlers, the Denver Outlaws, and the New York Lizards. Tickets for the 2019 season and the 2019 All-Star Game are available on

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