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Boston Cannons Connecticut Hammerheads MLL Major League Lacrosse 2020
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MLL Season Day 6 (Thursday) – Photos, Recaps, News + PLAYOFFS

Philadelphia and New York are completely done with the 2020 MLL season. The Lizards are done for good, but the Barrage have options still on the table to cling to playoff life.

Connecticut is coming into their own right now and the inside game across the board is producing more highlights than we can handle.

If you’re not dialed in to ESPN+, it’s still not too late to get in on this. For one day alone, the $5.99 is worth is.

MLL Standings after Day 5































New York





+Clinched #1 Seed
*Clinched Playoff Spot

Playoff Scenarios

The top four teams make the playoffs. Standard 1 vs 4, 2 vs 3 format as a semifinal.


IN: Chesapeake win

OUT: Connecticut win


IN: Connecticut win OR Boston win

OUT: Chesapeake win AND Denver win


IN: Connecticut win OR Denver win

OUT: Chesapeake win AND Boston win

Big Stat Guys

  • Alex Woodall (PHI) 20/27FO, 8GB
  • Chris Madalon (PHI) 6GB
  • Will Nowesnick (PHI) 3CT, 1GB
  • Will Sands (CT) 4A
  • Michael Brown (CT) 4GB, 2CT
  • Sean Sconone (CT) 22 Saves, 8GA, 73.3%

Philadelphia Barrage 11, New York Lizards 8

Too many times New York has had the chance to win lacrosse games and they’ve blown it every single time. At this point, the season is completely shot and the inability to finish any of their four games is inexcusable.

It’s not fair to call Philadelphia lucky, they’ve been grinding for every inch this season. That said, their team effort was overshadowed by New York’s blown season.

Photo: Pretty Instant / MLL

Connor O’Hara has been dazzling at times, but he doesn’t have that gas to carry such a heavy backpack for 60 minutes. For a man American field lacrosse player, O’Hara has such a calm flow to his inside presense. A hat trick machine, today marked his fourth of four games this year. Very calm, very collected on the dodge, while cutting, and when finishing. Nick Aponte has also stood out from the pack at times, showing the ability to make teams pay for mistakes. We saw that on his hat trick goal when the defensive switch was busted and Aponte stepped right into a perfect time and room.

The glaring disconnect in the Barrage this afternoon was the backline. Blown assignments and troubled communication led to wide open looks against Chris Madalon, who was hung out to dry on multiple occasions.

We’ve spent a lot of time talking about box and Canadian influence, even Brice Queener weighed in on the new hybrid style, but these teams are really pack it in. At this point in the tournament energy tanks, space is no one’s friend. That’s resulted in the ball really is moving through close quarters like the box game with more off ball work than ever seen in MLL. Gives guys like rookie Ryan MacSpadyen to use his box experience to elevate a Division II career at Mercy college into an immediate impact in the MLL. Two goals tonight, four in the week proves there’s a new version of lacrosse to be played.

Photo: Pretty Instant / MLL

The work of Tyson Gibson has still been at an all-star caliber, operating from the invert with strength, speed, but starting to lose focus. Teams are getting to see what he can do and as fatigue wears on, Gibson’s left team a little more clued in on his tactics. He’ll make up for those easy stuffs on the crease with the hardest worked 1-on-1 attacks Philly can offer. Gibson’s ability to get at that high wing and find empty gaps in the defense when the attention turns across the field is next level. That’s what exciting, he can sneak a goal from afar or roll up the sleeves and go. If the Barrage were more organized with the game plan, he wouldn’t have to do both all of the time.

Both teams get tomorrow off. New York has a whole offseason off. Philly has snuck in to the No. 4 seed, drawing the 1 p.m. semifinal game on Saturday.

Connecticut Hammerheads 11, Boston Cannons 8

22 saves is way too much rubber for Sean Sconone to have to save, but the star net-minder was up to the task. Frankly. any lesser of a man in net and this was the Cannons games to skip off with. Sconone’s hands were the fastest we’ve seen them this year and he was back to Goalie of the Year form. The only time we was getting bested is when his defense left him completely exposed with wide open shooters on top of him.

Now that the offense of Bubba Voigt, Michael Kraus and Ben Martin are coming together and playing a much more cohesive brand of lacrosse. The trio combine for 8-of-11 of the Hammerheads tallies and really have the potential to be a postseason wrecking ball.

Boston Cannons Connecticut Hammerheads MLL Major League Lacrosse 2020 Michael Kraus
Photo: Pretty Instant / MLL

Connecticut went from questionably lousy to a playoff contender in about 48-72 hours. Game-by-game, they aren’t done here.

In the opposite crease, Nick Morrocco was also standing on his head at times and with one of the stronger groups supporting him, it really was a matter of the Hammerheads offense kicking it into a different gear.

The Cannons are sliding down hill quickly.

That was by far the worst offense we’ve seen out of Boston in 2020 and can go as far as calling it terrible. The light shines on the ground ball battle and they didn’t lose the turnover match-up, but they got even luckier that Connecticut only capitalized on one-of-five man-up opportunities.

Boston Cannons Connecticut Hammerheads MLL Major League Lacrosse 2020
Photo: Pretty Instant / MLL

To add injury to insult, now their down without their star face-off man Kevin Reisman with a leg injury and they’ve world-class face-off specialist Max Adler on the immediate docket.

One positive note was seeing Frank Brown dodge to rip the first goal of the game and his first notch of the season. The big midfielder has been more of a grinder behind the scenes, seeing the Hobart star get his name on the board was a boost of confidence.

Friday’s Games

  • Connecticut Hammerheads vs Chesapeake Bayhawks – 4 p.m. ET, ESPN+
  • Denver Outlaws vs Boston Cannons – 7 p.m. ET, ESPN+

[lasso rel=”espn” id=”210268″ link_id=”57613″ ref=”espn”]

This is the last day of the 2020 MLL regular season and although the outcomes seem predictable, both the Boston Cannons and the Connecticut Hammerheads have everything to lose. Chesapeake and Denver, on the other hand, are definitely the cream of the crop and completely safe, but having the No. 1 seed is ideal for recovery time and, of course, having to play the weakest of the playoff teams.

What could be your last chance of the year to watch Boston or Connecticut, it’s worth letting the games consume your Friday night.

MLL Gallery – Day 6