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MLL Paul Rabil New York Lizards 2016 Photo: Dan Nilson / MLL

MLL Social Media Database! 250+ Instagram & Twitter Handles

We uncovered social media profiles for over 250 MLL lacrosse all-stars! Here’s who to follow on Instagram and Twitter!

It’s a magical time to be alive! All of our favorite MLL stars are just a click away thanks to social media and while keeping up with the athletes is always exciting, there’s nothing like getting a “like” or “favorite” from our heroes, let alone a comment or retweet!

The hardest part of the whole thing is finding all of these guys online and keeping up with them! Well that’s what we’re here for! We put in the legwork to find the Twitter and/or Instagram handle for nearly every athlete that hit the field in 2016.

Just for kicks, let’s start by comparing who’s hot in the social sphere!

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[mks_col] [mks_one_half]Instagram Top 10

  1. Paul Rabil – 186k
  2. Rob Pannell – 74.9k
  3. Kyle Harrison – 67.6k
  4. Lyle Thompson – 53.4k
  5. Greg Gurenlian – 43k
  6. Miles Thompson – 34k
  7. Joe Walters – 33k
  8. Myles Jones – 25k
  9. Casey Powell – 21.5k
  10. Marcus Holman – 21k
[/mks_one_half] [mks_one_half]Twitter Top 10

  1. Paul Rabil – 68k
  2. Kyle Harrison – 25k
  3. Rob Pannell – 18.1k
  4. Casey Powell – 16.2k
  5. Lyle Thompson – 14.9k
  6. Miles Thompson – 10.7k
  7. Max Seibald – 10.4k
  8. John Grant Jr. – 9,934
  9. Matt Danowski – 9,276
  10. Kyle Hartzell – 8,228
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MLL Social Media Database

Player Team Twitter Instagram
Adams, Brent Boston Cannons @BDAdams_8 badams8
Adams, Drew New York Lizards drewadams14
Adamson, Erik Denver Outlaws erikadamson34
Alexander, Dominique Ohio Machine @mr_alexander23 domalexander_23
Amato, Niko Chesapeake Bayhawks @namato13 6n1k0
Annunziato, Justin New York Lizards jnunz21
Bailey, Jake Atlanta Blaze jgbailey93 jbailey40
Barber, Tim Denver Outlaws barberque20
Bassett, Pierce Charlotte Hounds @33fierce pbandjays33
Baum, Peter Ohio Machine @pbaum15 pbaum15
Belisle, Mitch Boston Cannons @MBelisle85 MitchBelisle85
Bellistri, Kylor Boston Cannons kylorb
Berg, Wes Denver Outlaws @wes_berg wesleyberg14
Bernhardt, Jake Ohio Machine @jak3bernhardt jak3bernhardt
Bernhardt, Jesse Chesapeake Bayhawks @rulax_bernhardt bernhardt36
Bernlohr, Kyle Ohio Machine kbernlohr35
Bertrams, Matt Chesapeake Bayhawks @mattbertrams22 mattbertrams22
Bitter, Jimmy Ohio Machine @jbitter4 jbitter4
Blye , Owen Florida Launch @oblye20 oblye20
Bocklet, Chris Denver Outlaws @crockn10 cbocklet10
Bocklet, Matt Denver Outlaws @bocko7 bocko7
Bocklet, Michael Denver Outlaws @coach_bocklet mbocklet10jr
Boltus, Jeremy Rochester Rattlers @j_boltus2 jboltus2
Bowes, Martin Boston Cannons @MjBowes MjBowes
Boyle, Steven Rochester Rattlers @sboyle10 sboyle010
Bratton, Shamel Charlotte Hounds @shamelbratton shamelbratton
Brooks, Steven Florida Launch @stevenbrooks44 stevenbrooks_44
Brown, Ryan Charlotte Hounds rbrownie4
Buchanan, Kevin Boston Cannons @KBuch27 kevinbuchanan27
Buchanan, Kyle Ohio Machine @kylebuchanan9 kylebuchanan9
Buczek, Connor Florida Launch @cbucz33 cbuczek33
Bunker, Craig Boston Cannons @scrappybunk22 scrappybunk22
Burns, Dan Chesapeake Bayhawks @dburnsy dburnsy4
Byrnes, Liam Florida Launch lbyrnes21
Caputo, Brendan Charlotte Hounds @caputotweets
Carlson, Jay Atlanta Blaze jcarls32
Castronova, Phil Atlanta Blaze philipcastronova
Chanenchuk, Mike Charlotte Hounds @M_Channy mike_chanenchuk
Cinosky, Joe Atlanta Blaze @joecinosky joecinosky
Cipriano, Charlie Charlotte Hounds chuckiecheez25
Clancy, Duncan Florida Launch duncanclancy
Clarkson, Matt Florida Launch @drsmooothie mclarkson
Class, Deemer Atlanta Blaze @22classy 22classy
Clausen, Ken Florida Launch @kclausen27 kenclausen27
Cockerton, Mark Ohio Machine @markcockerton41 markcockerton41
Coholan, Greg Chesapeake Bayhawks gcho1
Cole, Bryan Ohio Machine bryancole45
Cooper, Brian Atlanta Blaze @snoopforty skiptomyCOOP
Cooper, Kevin Atlanta Blaze kcoop41
Costabile, CJ Chesapeake Bayhawks @cj9er cj9er
Cox, Tim Denver Outlaws @trcox3 timcox9
Crane, Jason Chesapeake Bayhawks bringthecrane
Crawford, Callum Denver Outlaws @callum9eight callum98crawford
Croonquist, Thomas New York Lizards tcroonquist
Crotty, Ned Rochester Rattlers @crottykid22 crottykid22
Crowley, Kevin Charlotte Hounds @KevinCrowley21 KevinCrowley21
Cunningham, Kevin Charlotte Hounds @Kev_Cuny29 kevcunny
Dailey, Jimmy Atlanta Blaze jimmydailey
Danowski, Matt Chesapeake Bayhawks @mattdanowski
Danseglio, Greg Atlanta Blaze danseglio22
DeNapoli, Steve New York Lizards @stevedenap7 stevedenap
Denhoff, Kyle Rochester Rattlers denhoff_
Dickson, David Denver Outlaws haha_clintondickson
Dionne, Josh Atlanta Blaze @joshdionne8 dionneocho
Donahue, Dylan Charlotte Hounds @dyld17 dyld17
Donovan, Matt Chesapeake Bayhawks @dr_lipschitz_
Dunn, Matt Rochester Rattlers matt_dunn33
Duprey, Luke New York Lizards duppa_91
Durkin, Tucker Florida Launch @tdurkin51 tdurkin51
Duvnjak, Robert Charlotte Hounds bduvs19
Earl, David Florida Launch @davidearl33 davidearl33
Edmonds, John Rochester Rattlers john_edmonds27
Ehrhardt, Michael Charlotte Hounds @AirHeart12 AirHeart12
Eipp, Daniel Florida Launch @goodmoneysniper goodmoneysniper
Emala, David Boston Cannons @demala5 d_emala
Evans, Michael Chesapeake Bayhawks @michaelevans33 michaelevans33
Fahey, James Boston Cannons @yimjimmer12 yimjimmer80
Fiorito, Tyler Boston Cannons @fioritopu6 tyfiorito6
Fischer, Brian Boston Cannons bjfischer3939
Flanagan, Ryan Charlotte Hounds @RyanFlanagan24 RyanFlanagan24
Fowler, Brendan Charlotte Hounds @BRabbit_3 BRabbit_3
Frazier, Pat Florida Launch pfrazier30
Fullerton, Adam Denver Outlaws @afullslax
Galasso, Nicky Atlanta Blaze @nickygalasso ngalasso5
Galloway, John Rochester Rattlers @jgalloway15 jgalloway15
Gamble, Jesse Atlanta Blaze @JGamble9 jgamble9
Garziano, Matt Chesapeake Bayhawks @two_nine_allday garz23
Geisler, Austin Denver Outlaws @doctorgeisler doctorgeisler
German, Tyler Chesapeake Bayhawks tgerm12
Ghitelman, Adam Atlanta Blaze @aghitelman8 adam8taylor
Gibson, Matt New York Lizards @itsmattgibson itsmattgibson
Gill, Jon Atlanta Blaze gilliekidd
Glesener, John Boston Cannons @glesener_john
Glicini, Mark Chesapeake Bayhawks @mark_glic mark_glic
Grant, John Ohio Machine @JohnGrantJr24
Grill, BJ Denver Outlaws bjbeargrill
Groot, Daniel Ohio Machine @dannygroot2 coachgroot
Guadagnolo, Thomas Rochester Rattlers @TGuadagnolo42 tguadagnolo42
Gurenlian, Greg New York Lizards @gregbeast32 gregbeast32
Haas, Will Ohio Machine haasteoporosis
Hagarty, Eric Boston Cannons @Ehagarty13 ehagarty13
Harbeson, Patrick Atlanta Blaze @pharb19 pharb19
Harder, Timothy Rochester Rattlers tharder32
Harrison, Kyle Ohio Machine @kyleharrison18 kyleharrison18
Hartzell, Kyle New York Lizards @khartzell81 khartzell81
Haus, John Charlotte Hounds @johnhaus26 johnhaus26
Haus, Will Charlotte Hounds wafflehaus06
Hawkins, Josh Boston Cannons @HankHawkins hankhawkins
Hiken, Brent Denver Outlaws @nadernation30 nader2330
Hodgson, Andrew New York Lizards @a_hodge11 hodge_11
Holding, Cameron Denver Outlaws @camholding19 camholding
Holman, Marcus Ohio Machine @marcusholman1 marcusholman1
Hunt, Connor Florida Launch @cdhunt50 cdhunt50
Ianzito, Stephen Charlotte Hounds @bakedziti24 bakedziti24
Ikeda, Casey Atlanta Blaze @MCIkeda3 mikeisike3
Jackson, Shayne Atlanta Blaze @shaynejackson32 shaynejackson32
Jamieson, Cody New York Lizards @cjamieson88 cjamieson88
Jones, Myles Atlanta Blaze @myles_jones15 mylesjones15
Karole, Patrick Denver Outlaws @pat_karole52 plkarole52
Kaut, Austin Florida Launch @kautonit kautonit
Kavanagh, Matt Denver Outlaws @kavanaughty mgkav_50
Keenan, Kyle Rochester Rattlers @kylekeenan16 kyle_keenan16
Kelly, Anthony Chesapeake Bayhawks @anthonykelly34 anthonykelly34
Kelly, Jack Denver Outlaws jlkelly88
Kelly, Patrick Florida Launch katrick_pelly
Kelly, Thomas Denver Outlaws @tkelly35 tkelly_35
Keogh, Stephen Charlotte Hounds @skeogh28 skeogh28
Kilpatrick, Ryan Charlotte Hounds ryan_kilpatrick
Kimener, Terry Charlotte Hounds @tkimna16 tkimna16
Kimmel, Michael New York Lizards @michaelkimmel51 mpkimmel5
King, Jesse Rochester Rattlers @kinger_19 kinger_19
Kormondy, Brian Denver Outlaws bkorm44
Koshansky, Will Rochester Rattlers @will_koshansky
Kraus, Knute Denver Outlaws @knutti_frutti knuttifruttisumerlove
Lade, John Rochester Rattlers @johnlade40 johnlade40
Landis, Matt Florida Launch @mattlandis43 mattlandis43
Lao-Gosney, Cameron Florida Launch camlaogosney
Lao-Gosney, Roman Florida Launch romanlaogosney
LaPierre, Chris New York Lizards clapierre44
LaPlante, Ryan Denver Outlaws ryanlaplante
Law, Eric Denver Outlaws @elaw_15 elaw_15
Lawrence, Bobby Florida Launch lordlawrence99
Lazore, Michael Rochester Rattlers mlazore24
Lecky, Hakeem Florida Launch hakeemlecky8
Lewis, Rick Atlanta Blaze @RickLewis21 ricklewis21
Lobb, Henry Charlotte Hounds @Luckyslevins Luckyslevins
Locascio, Joe Atlanta Blaze @Jo_Lo5 joelocascio9
LoCascio, John Rochester Rattlers jlocascio21
MacDonald, Mike Ohio Machine mikeymacdonald8
MacIntosh, Jordan Rochester Rattlers @jmacintosh24 jmacintosh24
Mackrides, Matt Atlanta Blaze mmackrides
Maloney, John Chesapeake Bayhawks johnmaloney14
Mangan, Brandon Ohio Machine @mang022 mango2216
Manley, Mike Rochester Rattlers m_manley05
Manny, Will Boston Cannons @WillManny_1 willmanny1
Marasco, Jo-Jo New York Lizards @jojomarasco22 jojomarasco1
Massa, Kevin Charlotte Hounds kevin_massa41
Mathias, Case Atlanta Blaze @casematheis casematheis
Matisz, Kiel Charlotte Hounds @kiel_matisz46 kiel_matisz46
Mattes, Christopher Florida Launch @CJMattes65 cjmattes
Matthews, Mark Atlanta Blaze @markmatthews222 markmatthews42
McArdle, Kieran Florida Launch kieranmcardle6
McCallion, Joe Charlotte Hounds joemccallion
McMahon, Matt Ohio Machine mattmcmahan
McWilliams, Scott Boston Cannons @smcwilliams27 smcwilliams27
Melaugh, Gregory Denver Outlaws @greg_melaugh
Merrill, Brodie Boston Cannons @brodiemerrill_ brodiemerrill_
Meurer, Joe Charlotte Hounds jmeurer11
Miller, Jovan Florida Launch @jovination23 jovination23
Molnar, Noah Denver Outlaws @noah12molnar noah12molnar
Moss, Donny Rochester Rattlers @donnymoss donny_moss80
Mullins, Brandon Boston Cannons @bmull11
Mundorf, Brendan Chesapeake Bayhawks @bmuney2 mundorf2
Murray, Goran Charlotte Hounds dosmurray
Nardella, Joe Boston Cannons @JNardss jnardss
Near, Jack Rochester Rattlers jacknotclose
Noble, Jason Chesapeake Bayhawks @jasonnoble45 jasonnoble45
Noble, Jeremy Atlanta Blaze @jeremynoble45 jeremynoble45
Noone, Michael Ohio Machine noonmcnooingtn
Oberbeck, Conrad Atlanta Blaze obii68
OBrien, Eric Atlanta Blaze @ericmichaelobrien10 EOBie21
Orban, Kip Rochester Rattlers korban13
Ortolani, John Florida Launch @orto30 orto30
OShaughnessy, Dylan New York Lizards doshaughnessy28
Ossello, Nick Denver Outlaws @nickossello nossello
Palasek, Tommy New York Lizards tpalasek
Pannell, James New York Lizards @jamespannell32 jamespannell32
Pannell, Rob New York Lizards @robpannell3 robpannell3
Pellegrino, Michael Boston Cannons pacman_pelly
Pennington, Justin Atlanta Blaze jpenny14
Phipps, Brian Chesapeake Bayhawks @bphipper30 bphipper30
Place, Jackson Ohio Machine j_place17
Pontrello, Nikko Florida Launch neektorious
Pontrello, Steve Florida Launch stevepontrello
Pope, Remington Ohio Machine remypope
Poppleton, Mike Chesapeake Bayhawks @mpop29
Powell, Casey Florida Launch @caseypowell22 caseypowell22
Puskuldjian, Greg Ohio Machine @gpuskuldjian gregpuskuldjian
Queener, Brett Florida Launch @BrettQueener23
Rabil, Paul New York Lizards @paulrabil paulrabil
Raffa, Charlie Chesapeake Bayhawks @umd_raffa7 therealcharlieraffa7
Ragonese, Jerry New York Lizards @flowgo37 flowgo37
Ranagan, John Rochester Rattlers @johnranagan31 johnranagan31
Ratliff, Scott Atlanta Blaze @Srat2 scottratliff2
Reynolds, Jeff Chesapeake Bayhawks @j_reynolds21 jeffreynolds21
Ricci, Peter Florida Launch @PTRICCI1 ptricci1
Rice, Kevin Atlanta Blaze @kevinrice_2 kevinrice2
Richard, Jacob New York Lizards jake_richard25
Richards, Michael Denver Outlaws lilrichysev
Riorden, Blaze Rochester Rattlers @tweetball7 blazeriorden7
Robinson, Callum Chesapeake Bayhawks @Cal10Rob callum10robinson
Rodgers, Scott Ohio Machine @scottyrodg42 scottyrodg42
Rodriguez, Johnny Denver Outlaws @j3rod j3rod
Rogers, Challen Boston Cannons @ChallenRogers
Rogowski, Gregory Boston Cannons @copperheads_14 gregrogo
Runkel, Jack Boston Cannons jackrunkel24
Sankey, Joey Charlotte Hounds @jsankey11 jsankey11
Sawyer , Mike Charlotte Hounds @mjsawyer4 mjsawyer4
Scheich, JOhn Charlotte Hounds @johnscheich johnscheich
Schmidt, Brett Charlotte Hounds @Brettschmidt44 Brettschmidt44
Schmidt, Max Denver Outlaws @mschmidty99 mschmidty99
Schmitt, Bobby Ohio Machine bobby_schmitt
Schneider, Eric Atlanta Blaze eschneider6
Schoonmaker, Henry Atlanta Blaze henryschoonmaker
Schreiber, Tom Ohio Machine @TomSchreiber26 Tom_Schreiber26
Sebastiani, Domenic Denver Outlaws @d0menic dbasssii
Seibald, Max Boston Cannons @maxseibald42 maxseibald42
Sellers, Andrew Ohio Machine @andrewsellers8
Sieverts, Jeremy Denver Outlaws @JeremySieverts JeremySieverts
Simon, Michael Denver Outlaws @thee_tree smiimkoen
Simoneau, Drew Rochester Rattlers @simoneaud11 simondeaud11
Skudin, Michael New York Lizards skudin
Smith, Dhane Rochester Rattlers @dhanesmith92 dhanesmith92
Smith, Erik Florida Launch esmitty25
Snider, Drew Denver Outlaws @dsnides23 dsnides23
Snider, Geoff Denver Outlaws @geoffsnider4 geoffsnider
Spallina, Brian New York Lizards @brianspallina brianspallina
Staats, Randy Atlanta Blaze @staats83 staats83
Stanwick, Steele Ohio Machine @steelewick steelewick
Stanwick, Wells Boston Cannons wild_wild_wells
Starnino, Anthony Rochester Rattlers @starnino27 starnino27
Sullivan, Finn Ohio Machine @nnifnavillus nnifnavillus
Sweeney, Kyle Chesapeake Bayhawks kylesweeney7
Thompson, Jeremy Florida Launch @j_thompson74 jeremy74thompson
Thompson, Lyle Florida Launch @lyle4thompson lyle4thompson
Thompson, Miles Florida Launch @miles2thompson miles74thompson
Thompson, Ty Rochester Rattlers @tthompson91 tythompson91
Thul, Garrett Charlotte Hounds @gtlax09 gthul9
Tills, Bailey Denver Outlaws btills
Tintle, Nicholas Denver Outlaws @nt_lacrosse ntlaxperformance
Tripucka, Jake New York Lizards @jaketripucka7 jaketripucka7
Tucker, Ryan Atlanta Blaze serryanofhousetuckah
Turri, Justin Boston Cannons @Justweetin12 justin_turri
Tutton, Chad Florida Launch @chadtutton12 chadtuts12
Unterstein, Kevin New York Lizards @k_unterstein the_unts
VanThof, Kyle Rochester Rattlers @KyleVanthof van_thor12
Ventiquattro, Mario Florida Launch twofourlax
Waldeck, Steven Ohio Machine @swaldeck24 swaldeck24
Walters, Joe Chesapeake Bayhawks @jwalters1 jwalters1
Ward, Dillon Atlanta Blaze @dillward37 dillward37
Ward, Justin Chesapeake Bayhawks @ThisJust_in15 jpward15
Westervelt, Drew New York Lizards @dwesty1426 dwesty1426
White, Joel Rochester Rattlers @jwhite_11 jwhite_11
Wiedmaier, Chad Boston Cannons @ChadWiedmaier lechad45
Wilber, Dana Chesapeake Bayhawks @dwilber91
Wolf, Jordan Rochester Rattlers @thebigbadwolf31 jwolf31
Wood, Beau Boston Cannons @bovice18 bwood18
Yapor, Lance Ohio Machine @lance_yapor lance_yapor
Young, Pat Charlotte Hounds @patyoung44 patyoung44
Yozzo-Scaperrotta, John Atlanta Blaze yozzo75
Zomerfeld, Alex Charlotte Hounds Alex_Zomerfeld therealcharlieraffa7

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