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SOLD OUT Montréal Québécois T-Shirt Throwback – LIMITED TIME ONLY


Welcome to the Shirt of the Month ROUND ONE! Through our partnership with Justin Skaggs and the Wood Lacrosse Sticks crew, we are sifting through mountains of lacrosse history to create limited run, completely unique throwback lacrosse goods. Run number one pays tribute to the Montréal Québécois.

Before there was the National Lacrosse League as we know it today, there was an earlier NLL that only lasted two years, 1974 and 1975, paving the way for professional indoor lacrosse, despite not actually being affiliated with the current NLL. Need to know more? We took a deep dive into the history of the organization to keep the legacy alive.

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While digging through the archives, Justin Skaggs found an awesome advertisement for the Montréal Québécois that he just had to own on a shirt. Not being the greedy type, Skaggs is letting the world get their hands on these puppies too!


All sales close on JULY 18th with NO REPRINTS! You miss it now, you miss it forever!

There were six teams, four in the U.S. and two in Canada, both in Quebec.

– Long Island Tomahawks
– Montreal Quebecois
– Boston Bolts
– Quebec Caribous
– Philadelphia Wings
– Maryland Arrows

What’s a Montréal Québécois anyway? To translate from French, a Québécois is simply a person from the province of Quebec and Montréal is the largest city and home to the team. It’s like naming a team the “Los Angeles Californians” or something old-school and silly like that.

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