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Most “Lax Bro” Player Names in the PLL

There is an unwritten understanding in the lacrosse community on what it means to be a “lax bro” but the definition greatly changes depending on who you ask. Instead of sitting here and trying to describe what exactly being a “lax bro” entails, I’m going to assume that most everyone in the lacrosse world has a basic understanding on what exactly this term means.

When it comes to the PLL, there are just some names that resonate “lax bro” energy. Not only do these names roll off the tongue well but they also embody what it means to be a hardcore lacrosse player. Here are the most “lax bro” names in the PLL.

Archers: Connor DeSimone and Tre Leclaire

These two names for the Archers are going to take the cake for most “lax bro” names on their roster. From the moment you hear these two names, it gives off an immediate “I ski in the winter and snipe corners in the summer” kind of vibe. I think everyone can agree they have played with a Connor or a Tre on the lacrosse field, maybe not DeSimone or Leclaire caliber, but I know we have all been there. Fortunately, with names like this, the two of these players answer the bell. Both are capable of sticking the ball in the back of the net and have been doing so for some time. 

Atlas: Tucker Durkin and Dox Aitken

I do not believe there is a more fitting name for a 6’2, 215lb monster, running around with a long pole, than Tucker Durkin. From the moment this name is heard, I am imagining someone who takes the field with the intention to cause pain to their opponent and is looking to put the ball on the turf as many times as possible. Fortunately, that’s exactly what this guy likes to do. At 31, Durkin is still running around with the best of them in the PLL and doing what his name calls for.

Dox Aitken, another top tier lax name. First of all, let’s just start with the name Dox. The amount of pressure that comes with that name is unreal. You cannot just be named Dox Aitken and be average at lacrosse, he had to be great. Also, a name like Dox Aitken comes with a non-negotiable shorts well above the knee requirement per an inside source. Luckily, Dox is in fact, an elite lacrosse player who can be caught rifling shots by goalies almost every weekend in the PLL.

Cannons: Brodie Merrill

This another easy top five “lax bro” name. For starters, you do not see a ton of people walking around with the name “Brodie” but when you do, it’s on the lacrosse field. Much like we said before with Dox, certain names you just have to live up too. If your name is “Brodie” and you are going to take on lacrosse, you better be good. However, Brodie is a legend in the professional scene and his game has been getting admired since his time at Georgetown in the 2000s and has continued to be a force with the Cannons.

Chaos: Blaze Riorden 

The Chaos ball club is loaded with special names but none is more special than Blaze Riorden. For starters, you must applaud the parents’ confidence to see a baby for the first time, and name him Blaze. It has to be fair to say the parents knew he was destined for athletic greatness from the moment they saw him and tasked him with carrying that name. Fortunately, Blaze has done just that, he has set fire to the league and is redefining what it means to be a goaltender right before our eyes.

Chrome: Mike Messenger

For Chrome, Mike Messenger is by far my favorite name on the roster. For some reason, this name just pops and just gives a little extra bounce. Even more so he’s a bit of a wildcard – Messenger is a Canadian short stick d-mid who played his college ball at Limestone. So if a name like Mike Messenger does not jump out on the PLL roster to you, once you add he’s a former D2 player from Canada, he gets even more interesting. 

Redwoods: Ryder Garnsey

Once again, this is another name that from the moment you hear it, you know he plays lacrosse and there’s a chance you may not like him. Ryder Garnsey is an amazing lacrosse player and his name sounds like it came off the same shelf the stick did. With Ryder already not being a super common name, you pair it up with elite lacrosse skills and his style of play and it immediately becomes an easy “lax bro” name. After his time at Notre Dame, Ryder busted onto the PLL scene as a rookie and has not looked back. 

Waterdogs: Ryan Conrad, Connor Kelly, and Ryan Brown

This was one of the easiest picks to make because the names are so simple, but they still bring lacrosse to the front of the mind. All three of these players have some of the most basic names possible, but all three of these players have lacrosse skillsets that are well above and beyond basic. In addition, all three of these players are well known in the lacrosse community individually as well for their accomplishments. So despite the names being basic, lacrosse is engrained in all three of those names.

Whipsnakes: Wheaton Jackoboice

Not only is this the best name on the roster, it’s one of those names you have to say out loud. Although the Notre Dame grad has not seen a lot of field time, his name alone is worth some conversation. Wheaton Jackoboice has a ring that immediately puts me in the countryside where nobody even knows what lacrosse is yet. With a name like this, I hope to be hearing it called more and more as his career progresses in the PLL.