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Music Monday: Better Late Than Never

Fritzelstein is back with some more great tunage!

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Nate Fritts to the Lacrosse All Stars! After spending a lot of time with Nate on the Rhino Lacrosse Camp Tour a couple summers back, we quickly came to respect his passion for all things music and immediately knew he would be our man for Music Monday. Nate hales from Portland, Oregon, played at Bowdoin College (NESCAC) in Maine, and now resides in Boston, MA where he researches concussions and brain diseases when he’s not laxing.

Sammy Adams – “L.A. Story (feat. Mike Posner)”

Boston’s Boy is back with a song about the West Coast…what? Despite some mixed emotions here, Sammy softens up the tone a little on this one (with help from some Mike Posner vocals) for a more light-hearted, reminiscent, party reflection song. I still haven’t let go of the party anthem “All Night Longer,” which you need to go get if you haven’t heard it, but this song is great in it’s own way. Also – not sure whether this music video is official whatsoever but regardless, it’s pretty sweet.

Dispatch – “Circles Around The Sun (Live)”

This past weekend, I had the pleasure of seeing the recently-reunited Dispatch live in concert with a great friend of mine and needless to say they rocked it. I was surprised to see how hard they could jam out when I had always thought of them as a more mellow, chill band (see”Two Coins” and “Bang Bang,” two of my personal favorites). I was thoroughly impressed on all levels (I was also impressed by the ferocity of the crowd’s “Let’s Go Bruins” chants in between sets). Dispatch just released an album of all live recordings called “Ain’t No Trip To Cleveland” that is absolutely worth a listen whether you are a long time fan or a new listener. Enjoy!

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