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Music Monday: Earth & Worm

Welcome back to all of our Music Monday followers and hello to any new listeners!

As we inch closer and closer to the official start of summer, the days get longer and country music seems to sound better and better. In light of that, today I’m bringing you an artist who is certainly influenced by country but is by no means confined to that, or any, single genre.

If you do love country, you should love this guy. If you hate country, you still might love this guy.

I introduce the talented guitarist and songwriter Seth Stainback of the Roosterfoots. In 2012, he recorded the album Earth & Worm, which I’ve only recently discovered. It is an interesting blend of mostly blues and country and is worth a full listen through. Though the entire set is consistently good, I highly recommend the opener, “Earth and Worm,” as well as others like “Get It Right,” “Floodgates” and “Miss Rita.”

Seth Stainback is on Spotify but I could not find good links through YouTube or Soundcloud. Luckily, for those of you without Spotify, you can listen to the album on his website by using this link and clicking the headphones icons next to song titles. As long as you are on the website, you may enjoy reading his biography, as well. It is a classic American story of a steelworker on the road who dropped it all to revive his passion for music. Enjoy!

Check out Earth & Worm here!