Music Monday: Laid Back Lions


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I hope everyone across the LAS universe, near and far, is having a wonderful Monday and enjoyed a solid weekend of lax. Here in the states, it seems like just about everyone is hitting a bout of bad weather. That being said, today’s featured album is one with which you can kick back and relax tonight as the storms howl away outside.

Today, I introduce the calming and eclectic William Fitzsimmons, who just released his sixth full album – Lions. Fitzsimmons has been recording since the early 2000’s and has been playing music for much longer. Interestingly, he was raised and influenced by two blind parents who were also musicians. He began to teach himself guitar in middle school and that endeavor gradually expanded to many other instruments.

Fitzsimmons recorded his first album while completing a master’s degree in counseling en route to becoming a mental health therapist. His music too seems to have a soothing tone that I think most can relate to. Here are a few sample tracks from Lions to get you started…relax and enjoy.


Took [live acoustic]

Well Enough

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