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Music Monday: Quiet Time with Quasimodo #22

Editor’s Suggestion: Right click here and open this week’s Radio Zarape in a new tab while you catch up on  recent posts from Rhino Camp and the Salt Shakerz Invitational.

Our friends at Radio Zarape are back with another Music Monday podcast AND a bumping new logo to tickle your senses. Like the new logo? Let them know in the comments.

Featured this week is our old friend Quasimodo and his chill out show “Quiet Time With Quasimodo“.

More about this week’s featured podcast:

“This episode of America’s favorite chill out show* features something old (The Doors), something new (Fleet Foxes), something borrowed (a spacey Bowie cover), and something very blue (a heartbreaker from Gregory Page). Tune in and chill out.”

Featured podcasts from Radio Zarape are in collaboration with Lax All Stars. Want to hear a song? Email and get featured on a future show.

Catch new podcasts every Monday on or visit Radio Zarape’s website for heaps of archived content.