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NALL Championship: Kentucky vs Boston

The NALL’s first official season comes to an end tonight with one last game, and the league is making it official: One game, winner takes all… it’s the first ever NALL Championship.

For most of the season, it looked like top team Boston, and 4-3 Baltimore, were bound to meet up in the championship match. However, everything changed last week when the Bombers announced that they were shutting the team down before the season ended, even though there were only two games left. With the Bombers out of the way, the Stickhorses jump into the #2 spot and suddenly found themselves vying for the inaugural title.

Let’s set the scene, Heavyweight Champion of the World style:

In this corner, we’ve got the Bullies from Beantown, the Enforcers in Orange, the Penguins of Pain… it’s the the 7-1 Boston Rockhoppers!

Boston scored sixteen goals per game (Baltimore was 2nd in the league with twelve), were 2nd in the league in goals allowed (despite playing one more game than Baltimore and Kentucky; Rhode Island led but only played four games), and they haven’t lost a game in more than two months. They’re clearly the favorites here.

In the other corner, we’ve got the Bad Asses from Bluegrass, the Tough Guys under Open Skies, the original NALL franchise, the 2-5 Kentucky Stickhorses!

I know, the record’s not great, but before you write them off, Kentucky’s played Boston pretty close this season, losing 10-9 in their first meeting, and 16-13 only two weeks ago. Guess who ended Boston’s streak of holding opponents to single digits? That’s right, the Kentucky Stickhorses (they also started the streak too, but whatever).

Will the seven-win Rockhoppers get the one that matters most, or will the Stickhorses pull off the upset and claim the most unlikely of championships? We’ll find out tonight.

If you want to catch the game, The NALL is streaming it live for $2.99.

Who Wins Tonight’s Game?