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NCAA D1 Conference Comparison – Week 9

The same three conferences who didn’t venture outside last week did more of the same this week. The rest were still having some fun, though. The biggest mover was the Patriot League, scoring wins over Monmouth (MAAC), Yale (Ivy), and Mt. St. Mary’s (NEC). Two of those were both due to Bucknell. But, before I ruin all the fun, take a look for yourself:

Conference Record % +/- This week
Big Ten 38-14 0.731 0.000 0-0
ACC 29-11 0.725 0.007 1-0
Big East 31-17 0.646 -0.014 0-1
Ivy League 26-18 0.591 -0.004 1-1
Patriot 26-20 0.565 0.030 3-0
America East 27-25 0.519 -0.001 1-1
NEC 23-27 0.460 -0.019 0-2
CAA 22-29 0.431 0.000 0-0
MAAC 18-33 0.353 0.006 1-1
SoCon 13-38 0.255 0.000 0-0
Independent 4-27 0.129 -0.009 0-2

Going 1-0, the ACC is still on track to top the Big Ten, but their hardest games are coming up next week. As I’m writing this, we already know that Cuse lost to Cornell, so that it one of their two allowable losses for this argument. Cuse is probably the biggest risk right now.

The Patriot League does have the ability to overtake the Ivies, and I almost want to say it’s the most likely scenario. Until you look at the games left. But neither is looking at a cake schedule. The Ivies still have games against Albany, Providence, Bryant, and St. Joseph’s. For the Patriot, it’s Cuse, Cornell, Cuse again, Notre Dame, and Duke.  I would much rather have the Ivy schedule with the existing lead.

The big out of conference mover for the week was Bucknell. Beating Mt. St. Mary’s was expected, but the Yale win certainly was not. While Yale did score first, it was Bucknell answer back with three goals in four minutes to really set the tone of the game. Yale’s most impressive feat was actually blanking Bucknell in both the second and fourth quarters. Unfortunately, they did not produce enough on their own in those frames to lock up a win.

The most defensive credit really has to go to Yale, not Bucknell. Yale’s Ben Reeves was right on his averages for the season scoring a pair of goals to go with three assists. Bucknell’s Will Sands on the other hand had no goals and three assists. Quite a feat to limit the 4th best assists man in the country to below his average. Ultimately, it was the Bison who pulled out the win in overtime.