NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament haiku
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NCAA D1 Lacrosse Rundown: Week 2

We still don’t have everyone in the NCAA D1 world playing yet (none of the Ivies are playing games yet, for example), but there is still some really great lacrosse being played! Plenty of squads made their debut this week, and many saw blowouts. We can’t make any major conclusions off of the scores yet, but there are definitely some eyebrow raising results. Onward!

Week 2 D1 Scoreboard

15 Johns Hopkins vs. Navy 8

10 Duke vs. High Point 5

10 Robert Morris vs. Bellarmine 8
3 Furman vs. North Carolina 7
5 Mount St. Mary’s vs. Delaware 18
12 Navy vs. Maryland 15
14 Ohio State vs. Detroit Mercy 8
10 Villanova vs. Monmouth 12
9 Bucknell vs. Bryant 8
8 Colgate vs. Marist 12
14 Denver vs. Air Force 6
15 Johns Hopkins vs. UMBC 5
15 Loyola vs. Virginia 16
14 Manhattan vs. Wagner 13 3OT
15 Richmond vs. Fairfield 3
8 St. John’s vs. Rutgers 16
2 UMass vs. Army 9
8 UMass Lowell vs. Boston U. 18
15 Hobart vs. Penn State 21
4 Holy Cross vs. Providence 10
12 Jacksonville vs. Lehigh 13
17 Michigan vs. Lafayette 6
19 Syracuse vs. Siena 6

22 Duke vs. Cleveland State 7

The Stat Freaks

This section will once again be back to highlight some of the best performances from the week. Each category has a specific range we’re looking for. It’s just fun to highlight some of the gaudy performances out there.

Freak of the week: I didn’t want to do this one, because I try to avoid early season blowouts when one team is heavily favored going in… BUT, I could not ignore what Jordan Evans did in Syracuse. Scoring a hat trick to go along with five assists is a great way to start the season for #22. But that’s not why I’m picking him here for the top performance. I’m picking him because he also qualified as a defensive stat freak for his seven ground balls and one caused turnover. As much as he wants to score, he was relentless in the ride and it created offense. Hat tip to you, Mr. Evans.

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Justin Guterding – Duke: 4G, 6A
Gannon Morrison – Marist: 4G, 3A
J.D. Recor – Marist: 5G, 2A
Ryan Wade – Navy: 4G, 3A
Nick Mariano – Syracuse: 3G, 4A
Jordan Evans – Syracuse: 3G, 5A, 7GB, 1 CT
Mac O’Keefe – Penn St.: 4G, 3A
Nick Spillane – Penn St.: 4G, 3A
Teddy Hatfield – Richmond: 4G, 4A

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Danny Tesler – Cleveland St.: 8GB, CT
Reaves Klipstein – Army: 5GB, 3CT
Craig Chick – Lehigh: 6GB, 2CT
Matt Neufeldt – Maryland: 6GB, 3CT
Matt Rees – Navy: 7GB, 5CT
Matt Farrell – Holy Cross: 5GB, 3CT
Tanner Scales – Virginia: 6GB, 3CT
JP Pawela – Wagner: 5GB, 4CT

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Trevor Baptiste – Denver: 15/18
Joe Stucky – BU: 16/22
Brady Dove – Navy: 21/29
Alex George – Providence: 15/18
Matt Ledwin – Johns Hopkins: 9/12
Gerard Arceri – Penn St.: 22/31
Stephen Kelly – North Carolina: 11/14
Jake Hervada – Delaware: 9/12
Peter Moran – Richmond: 15/21
Kyle Rowe – Duke: 14/19

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Turner Uppgren – Duke: 6/7
Alex Ready – Denver: 10/15
Joe McSorley – BU: 8/9
Brian Balkam – North Carolina: 12/15
Benny Pugh – Richmond: 14/17

The Big Upsets and Surprises

  • Navy starting at 0-2 after falling to Hopkins and Maryland is a little surprising. Only a little. Those were going to be tough games no matter what, but I really thought Navy would play better than they did against Hopkins. Hopkins, on the other hand, is on fire to start the season.

  • Syracuse really impressed me against Siena. Sure, I was expecting a blowout, but Cuse was doing some things that you don’t typically see from them in week one games. Their ground balls were getting picked up on the first bounce. They stayed very composed in unsettled situations. Many of their goals were scored off of cutters through the middle, not initiating off of dodges & dump plays. They are constantly looking to make that one extra pass. Offensively, they were in a great spot against Siena. So not a surprise, but worth noting.
  • How about Furman *only* losing to UNC 4-7? For many, including myself, North Carolina is considered the best team in the country right now. Another performance like that, and they may not be claiming that distinction much longer.

  • Penn State is trying to make a serious push for B1G contention this season. So far, they have shown that almost anyone on their team can produce points if needed. That will be vital down the road as their main conference opponents can all lock down on Grant Ament. Having options will be key to their success going forward.
  • After a first weekend where it felt like everyone was going into overtime to find a winner, only one game went into extra time this weekend. And in that one, it was actually triple overtime! So much for all the parity talk we had queued up.

Conference Comparison

10 wins for the Big Ten! Wooo! Then, after a strong start, the Patriot league really faltered over week two.  The ACC gained quite a bit of ground though, going undefeated this week.

Conference Record % # of Teams
Big Ten 10-0 1.000 6
ACC 6-1 .857 5
Patriot 7-6 .538 9
MAAC 3-3 .500 7
America East 2-3 .400 7
Big East 2-3 .400 6
Northeast 2-5 .286 7
Colonial 1-3 .250 6
Southern 2-8 .200 8
Ivy 0-0 .000 7

I’ll be back each week with a look into the D1 season using the above format. Things are just getting good now!