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NCAA D1 Stat Freaks – Week 7

What a week it was! There were some big time performances that have the opportunity to turn around the season for some teams. There were 27 new additions to the old 2018 Stat Freaks roster.

What a week it was! There were some big time performances that have the opportunity to turn around the season for some teams. There were 27 new additions to the old 2018 Stat Freaks roster. The most impressive first timer was actually Connor Keating from Penn who showed up big in both his games this week. I also really like how reasonably balanced each of the categories is, which is oddly rare. But, before I give away too much, take a look:

NCAA D1 Stat Freaks – Week 7

Offense: The Cutoff here is a combined 7 goals and/or assists

Connor Fields – Albany (NY): 5G, 3A, 8 Shots vs. Canisius
Joe Lang – Harvard: 4G, 5A, 6 Shots vs. Boston U.
Morgan Cheek – Harvard: 5G, 8A, 14 Shots vs. Boston U.
Kyle Anderson – Harvard: 7G, 1A, 10 Shots vs. Boston U.
Chris Gray – Boston U.: 2G, 8A, 11 Shots vs. Harvard
Luke McCaleb – Brown: 4G, 3A, 7 Shots vs. Holy Cross
Ryan Tierney – Hofstra: G, 7A, 3 Shots vs. Lehigh
Andrew Pettit – Lehigh: 3G, 4A, 8 Shots vs. Hofstra
Colin Burke – Fairfield: 4G, 3A, 11 Shots vs. NJIT
Sean Eccles – Albany (NY): 5G, 2A, 13 Shots vs. UMass Lowell
Jake McCulloch – Cornell: 5G, 3A, 8 Shots vs. Penn
Jeff Teat – Cornell: 6G, 2A, 10 Shots vs. Penn
Nick Spillane – Penn St.: 2G, 5A, 5 Shots vs. Cleveland St.
Michael Kraus – Virginia: 2G, 5A, 7 Shots vs. Johns Hopkins

Defense:  For here, you need 8 GBs, CTs, and/or points

Kyle Stofko – Wagner: 5GB, 6CT vs. Hampton
Malcolm Flynn – Hampton: 7GB, 1CT vs. Wagner
Darren Almodiel – Hampton: 8GB, 4CT vs. Wagner
Alex Rode – Virginia: 7GB, 1CT vs. Dartmouth
Connor Keating – Penn: 8GB, 1CT vs. Bucknell
John Sexton – Notre Dame: 7GB, 1CT, 1G vs. Michigan
Blaine McMahon – UMass Lowell: 5GB, 5CT vs. Albany (NY)
Jack Mangan – Mt. St. Mary’s: 7GB, 1CT, 1A vs. Robert Morris
Christopher Keating – Yale: 6GB, 2CT vs. Princeton
Connor Keating – Penn: 7GB, 1CT, 1A vs. Cornell
Zach Goodrich – Towson: 5GB, 4CT vs. Denver
Kyle Walsh – VMI: 8GB, 6CT vs. Furman
Jonathan Tesoro – Holy Cross: 7GB, 2CT vs. Brown
Eric Lane – VMI: 5GB, 3CT vs. Furman
John Tachon – NJIT: 12GB, 3CT vs. Wagner
John Hulsman – Bellarmine: 6GB, 2CT vs. Jacksonville
Kevin Carbone – Binghamton: 6GB, 2CT vs. Vermont
Eddie Bouhall – Lehigh: 6GB, 4CT vs. Navy
Craig Chick – Lehigh: 4GB, 4CT, 1G vs. Navy

Faceoffs: Greater than 70%, at least 10 attempts

Hank Ontiveros – Wagner: 10/12, 3 GB vs. Hampton
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY): 21/25, 19 GB, 1G, 1A vs. Canisius
Dylan Protesto – Hartford: 19/22, 14 GB, 1G vs. Quinnipiac
Will Fox – Fairfield: 15/21, 5 GB, 1A vs. NJIT
Richie Lenskold – Penn: 8/11, 2 GB vs. Bucknell
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY): 20/21, 12 GB vs. UMass Lowell
Justin Shockey – Maryland: 16/20, 12 GB vs. North Carolina
Kenny Massa – Bryant: 20/27, 16 GB vs. Sacred Heart
Hunter Forbes – Jacksonville: 11/15, 9 GB vs. Bellarmine
Sam Stephan – Mt. St. Mary’s: 16/22, 11 GB vs. Robert Morris
Trevor Baptiste – Denver: 21/24, 7 GB, 2G vs. Towson
AJ Krstulovic – VMI: 18/21, 10 GB vs. Furman
James Sullivan – Harvard: 8/11, 3 GB vs. Dartmouth
Dan O’Connell – Holy Cross: 24/30, 12 GB vs. Quinnipiac
Adam Gonzalez – NJIT: 14/15, 1 GB vs. Wagner
Conor Mackie – Yale: 20/24, 18 GB vs. Princeton
John Travisano – Notre Dame: 17/19, 9 GB vs. Ohio St.

Goalies:  Greater than 70%

Matt Sefcik – Wagner: 7/8 Saves, 1GB vs. Hampton
Alexzander Hunt – NJIT: 8/10 Saves vs. Fairfield
Nick Washuta – Vermont: 18/24 Saves, 5GB, 1CT vs. Binghamton
Alex Heger – Robert Morris: 19/24 Saves, 3GB vs. Mt. St. Mary’s
Sam Lucchesi – Hobart and William Smith: 18/24 Saves, 1GB, 1CT vs. Saint Joseph’s
Mike Adler – Saint Joseph’s: 15/20 Saves, 3GB vs. Hobart and William Smith
JD Colarusso – Albany (NY): 20/26 Saves, 2GB vs. UMass Lowell
Brian Corrigan – Marist: 17/20 Saves, 1GB vs. Manhattan
Ryan Kern – Navy: 18/25 Saves, 5GB vs. Lehigh

Freak of the Week

For the offense, there are definitely a few performances that jump off the page to me. Most of the list was just qualifying at the 7 point mark with a few checking in at 8 as well. But when you look at the BU/Harvard game, seeing two players from opposite teams make it quite a bit of fun Cheek (Harvard) and Gray (BU) both put up 8 assists. But their overall point difference was entirely made up for by the extra shots Cheek took. Both were firing away, but it was Cheek that connected and wound up winning the BATTLE OF ALLSTON.

Stat Freaks boston U

Defensively, Kyle Walsh from VMI continues to produce at a ridiculous pace. Making the list by GBs alone, he also grabbed six caused turnovers.  Darren Almodiel from Hampton also was a force in their D1 premiere this week. But you always have to tip your hate to Mr. Zach Goodrich from Towson who has made the list again as an SSDM.

In goalie land, Mike Adler made the list again, but in a crazy turn of events, so did his opposing goalie. I’m sure it has happened before, but two goalies from the same game both being over 70% is a true oddity. Also, but cheers to Vermont’s Nick Washuta and Hobart’s Sam Lucchesi for each recording a caused turnover.

But this was a week where the FOGOs too center stage. Baptiste and Ierlan are in an all out Dan vs. Dave competition right now. Ierlan lost 5 faceoffs over two games while also scoring a goal and grabbing an assist. Against Canisius, there were only two wins where he did not get the ground ball. Meanwhile Baptiste had a casual three loss day with two goals against Towson. Yikes!

The one I’m going to give the nod to for the week is actually from NJIT because it’s just such a weird stat line in a week of weird stat lines. Against Wagner, Adam Gonzalez lost only one faceoff an finished 14/15. What’s crazy. One ground ball. One! How do you only lose one faceoff but still only get one ground ball?!

I blame the stat keepers.

Top Freaks

This table shows which players have made the list, along with the corresponding count.

Name – School #
TD Ierlan – Albany (NY) 7
Gerard Arceri – Penn St. 5
Connor Fields – Albany (NY) 5
Kenny Massa – Bryant 5
Charlie Hayes – Detroit Mercy 4
Justin Guterding – Duke 4
Will Sands – Bucknell 4
Hunter Forbes – Jacksonville 4
Jack Mangan – Mt. St. Mary’s 4
JD Colarusso – Albany (NY) 4
Kyle Walsh – VMI 4
Michael Kraus – Virginia 4
Nick Washuta – Vermont 4
Trevor Baptiste – Denver 4

15 others tied with 3.

Most Freaks by school

Team Freaks
Albany (NY) 20
Lehigh 12
Massachusetts 11
Penn St. 11
Mt. St. Mary’s 10
Virginia 10
Loyola Maryland 10
Wagner 9
Colgate 9
Denver 9

Most Freaks allowed against by school

Team Allowed
Wagner 15
Richmond 11
Furman 11
Princeton 10
Holy Cross 9
Navy 9
Binghamton 9
Marist 9
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