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New in The Lacrosse Shop: Lax Legends Tees

A year or so ago, the LAS Crew had a bright idea. We saw a shirt we really liked and wondered… what if that applied to lacrosse?

Welp, one thing led to another and we decided to run with it, highlighting our favorite legendary players from four NCAA Division 1 lacrosse powerhouses. Today, we’re excited to reintroduce the shirts with a revamped design.

Lax Legends T-shirts

Every year, new players rise up and make their names known, cementing their place in history. That leaves us with one question for the 2012 season, “Who’s next?”

Johns Hopkins

JHU Lax Legends Tee
Dave & John & AJ & Kyle & Paul

Pauly Rabes and K18 tore up the show at Hopkins. Please enjoy three minutes of K18 highlights from his days back at JHU, free of charge.

Only in The Lacrosse Shop!


Princeton Lax Legends Tee
Jesse & Josh & Ryan & Trevor & Matt

And a little blurry BTB action from Ryan Boyle while playing for Team USA.

Only in The Lacrosse Shop!


Syracuse Lax Legends Tee
Paul & Gary & Casey & Ryan & Mikey

Holy highlight videos! There are so many that we didn’t even know which one to choose, between the ‘Air Gait’ and the Powell Brothers, Syracuse might as well have their own website dedicated to highlight videos.

Only in The Lacrosse Shop!


Virginia Lax Legends Tee
Chris & Brett & Tillman & Matt & Danny

Check out this highlight video from the 2003 National Championship, featuring goals from Chris Rotelli and some SICK saves from Tillman Johnson. Don’t forget about Danny Glading either!

Only in The Lacrosse Shop!

We’re excited for these bad boys to come off the press, and we’re even more excited for the 2012 college lacrosse season to finally get going so we can see who will be the next Lax Legend!

Pick your Lax Legends Tee up in The Lacrosse Shop today! Who knows, maybe YOU will be the next Lax Legend.

CONTEST: The first person to list the last names of every player on each shirt will win a free Lax Legends tee of their choice! Drop your answers in the comments section below!