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New to Lacrosse? Learn from High Point University

FOX 8 in North Carolina ran a piece on the basics of lacrosse featuring the High Point University men’s lacrosse team.

If you, or any friends and family, are new to the game of field lacrosse, the video is most definitely worth watching. Rarely do we see a major news channel taking the time to go out to the field and learn about lacrosse and how to play it.

The story runs for almost 12 minutes, and if you aren’t sure of the basic structure of the game, how to pass and catch and other fundamentals that are sometime embarrassing to ask about, make sure to watch the report. It’s rare to see the misconceptions of lacrosse being hashed out on the daily news, let alone a lengthy piece from the field of a Division 1 program.

For most of us, this is old news. Their intended audience is not those of us already in love with lacrosse, it’s the folks living in the Carolinas watching this report who are being exposed to lacrosse for the first time.

Whether they knew it or not, FOX 8 helped us in our mission to Grow the Game. The news women seemed to learn more about lacrosse than they knew going in to it, so how many other lives could have been effected? My hunger to learn more about lacrosse came via a Columbus Landsharks commercial circa 2000, when I saw guys beating each other with sticks and I had to know more. Fourteen years later, I’ve dedicated my life and career to this beautiful game, and it all started with a cheesy NLL ticket sales push!

We applaud FOX 8 and the High Point lacrosse program for partnering to Grow The Game. We hope to see more features like this on news networks across the country.

Share this video on Facebook, Twitter and any other way you can. You never know what others can learn about lacrosse that could change their life.

Most of us found the game one way or the other. Lacrosse is a sport most people need to be introduced to since it’s not commonly in the media like other sports in North America. Help others find this game.