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PrimeTime Lacrosse Events Website Development
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New Website Launches For PrimeTime Lacrosse

Over the past few weeks, I helped design and develop a brand new website for PrimeTime Lacrosse. This was one of the most focused and fastest web development projects I’ve had the opportunity to execute in my career, and I’m thrilled with how the end product turned out!

The new website provides a complete overview of PrimeTime Lacrosse and its events while delivering a superior user experience on mobile devices. We wanted to make sure it’s super easy and convenient for coaches, players and parents to look up information about PrimeTime events on the fly.

Each specific event page is designed to exemplify the positive event experience. These pages serve as a vital connection point for team or participant registration, recruiting and waiver forms. Plus, we’re also working to build out historical records per event.

Founded in 2010, PrimeTime Lacrosse is based in Massachusetts and runs elite youth and high school lacrosse events throughout North America. As PrimeTime’s media partner, LaxAllStars delivers digital services and marketing to the company year-round.

If you’re a fan of LaxAllStars and the content we create, then you’ll love attending the events organized by PrimeTime, too.

Learn more about the company on its new website,, and discover what LaxAllStars can do for your business here.