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NKOTB: South Texas

(Editor’s Note: That’s NKOTB for New Kid On The Block… Please welcome Josh Acut to LAS! He’s getting lax going down in Corpus Christi, TX and is letting us in on the process. Check out his first post below.)

In June (2010), I bought some lacrosse sticks, a couple of balls, and made goals out of PVC pipes.  I called some buddies, we bugged our friends to come out and play.  We grew, we worked hard, and we fought against the criticism and the doubters.  Oh yeah, we’re from Corpus Christi, TX… as you read this you may be asking yourself, “Where?” Plain and simple we are in South Texas. We went from 6 to 60, became Co-Ed, and have participants ranging in ages from 14-40.

Things were great and we were making huge strides in growing lacrosse in South Texas, then we hit a wall.  School started, no more high school (started playing football) and college kids, adults got busy with work, and we were struggling to even get 10 people to come out to play lacrosse.

Then just like that we received some great news. I applied for the US Lacrosse Equipment Grant and WE GOT IT!!!  We were going to use this to grow a more official city lax program, but then after talking to a high school lax coach in San Antonio, I thought why not try to launch a high school lax program in Corpus Christi? Why not try and launch it NOW and get a team fielded in the Spring?

A couple of phone calls later, I got commitments from players, parents, and volunteer coaches. What’s next?  I had to call a Texas High School Lacrosse League Board Member to get more info and it looks like we had a little more paper work to do, get voted in, and… PAY DUES???  Whoa!  That caught us off guard.  But just like that our efforts have been rewarded again.  I called some friends and colleagues and asked if they would be interested in sponsoring this project and they said yes.  Not only did they say yes, they started contacting others and it looks like all the Club’s dues will be received and paid for by the Dec. 1 deadline.

Now the real test begins.  US Lacrosse is going to be watching us to see how we grow lacrosse in South Texas. The High School team goes official in a couple weeks and will be competing against teams in Central Texas.  And now our Men’s Club team will has been asked to merge with another group to represent South Texas in the Gulf Coast Lacrosse Association. The road in front of us has been paved, now it is up to us to see how far we go.

We’ll keep you posted along the way, but to all those who doubted us along the way, we are STILL HERE!

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