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Nick Sakiewicz Addresses NLL Coronavirus Situation: Lacrosse Classified

This week’s edition of the Lacrosse Classified podcast changes up as the world has also changed. There are no games to recap, no G Wilson Construction Under Review to be had. Evan and Jake do their best though to break down the impact of COVID-19, including what it could mean for this fall’s NLL draft.

Nick Sakiewicz Addresses NLL Coronavirus Situation On Lacrosse Classified

We have just one guest this week. It’s none other than the commissioner of the NLL, Nick Sakiewicz, who joins us on the program and recaps what has happened with the COVID-19 situation and what may occur going forward as the situation with the coronavirus develops.

Also, for Stampede Tack‘s #WhoYaGott, as there were no games last week, we instead started our version of the NCAA Basketball March Madness tournament with a 32-team field to discover the greatest box lacrosse team of all time, starting with the 2000’s regional with four big matchups to consider.

Thanks to the sponsors of the Lacrosse Classified Podcast: the Vancouver Warriors, Stampede Tack, G Wilson Construction and Associated Labels and Packaging.