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Saskatchewan Rush Zack Greer Calgary Roughnecks
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NLL Video Explosion: To the Face!

Editor’s Note: Thanks to the help of the innovative team at SISU Guard, the Official Mouthguard of the NLL, we are beefing up our National Lacrosse League coverage for 2016! We hope you enjoy our look at the NLL season through a new lens with the aid of our partner SISU!

Ahhhh, the 2016 NLL Season is finally here and we were treated to a couple doozies in Week 1! There weren’t a ton of videos put up over the weekend, but I found some gems that you need to see!

Zack Greer Gets Punched/Hit in Face With Shot

The first viral play of the 2016 NLL Season comes in Game 2, the Saskatchewan Rush at Calgary Roughnecks. Scott Carnegie defends teammate Greg Harnett after a high stick from Zack Greer (Harnett was coming in to cross check Greer and it looked to me like Greer just put his hands up, but we won’t go into that now). Almost simultaneous with the punch, Greer gets hit with a shot from teammate Riley Loewen. Unlucky for Greer his helmet was already taken off his head for him…

Boom. Headshot.

How he stayed in the game, I do not know. Personally, I would have cried.

Chris Wardle had a Sick Goal


Lyle Thompson’s First Career Goal and Third!

The moment everyone was waiting for. The first game of the 2016 NLL Season featured a ton of rookies, one of which being Lyle Thompson. You know Lyle Thompson.

But he wasn’t done. Lyle tied the game for Georgia. Then, he put them ahead.

Because he’s awesome. Hat trick, just like Miles did in his debut with the Swarm last season. But it didn’t matter because to this…

John Grant Jr.’s Game Winner over Georgia

The commentary says it perfectly in this video. This is typical Junior.

What a way to end a 16-15 thriller in a packed and rowdy Pepsi Center! Cleary age isn’t taking a toll on the legend. Cheers to 2016!

Swarm Highlights

What’s up with Toronto?

Glad you asked…

Of course you can read what I think about Toronto before their season kicks off next weekend!

Who’s Ready, the Knighthawks are ready!

I talked about the Knighthawks too! They start their season at home on Saturday!

SISU Guard Official Mouthguard of the NLL

Find any videos that I missed? Throw the links in the comments below!