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No-Look Celebration Video: Marist Lacrosse Takes Down No. 9 Army

We’ve got a major early-season NCAA upset as Marist Men’s Lacrosse just took down No. 9 Army. While that was an incredible game, the even better part was the no-look celebration by Jason Intermesoli off of the assist to Joe Tierney during the first quarter. Watch the celebration below.

No-Look Lacrosse Celebration: Marist Men’s Lacrosse Takes Down No. 9 Army In NCAA Lacrosse Battle

The No-Look Celebration From Marist Lacrosse

Thoughts On The Play

In other sports, but in the NBA in particular, Steph Curry has pulled stuff exactly like this often, plus there’s the iconic Dwayne Wade – Lebron James photo that captured a similar moment when Lebron was still with the Heat. I think it adds a lot of fun and excitement to things. I’m all for preaching respect and discipline, but don’t really view this as taking a shot at anyone or being offensive, just an electric moment during a major upset for Marist. But, that’s just me, and what do I know?

To be fair, it’s a good thing for Intermesoli that Tierney was able to bury it.

Here’s probably how he felt:

Where We Go From Here


Marist opened its season against Binghamton with a 12-4 won, then lost the next weekend to Richmond in a close one by an 11-13 score. It’s great to see Marist have a major breakthrough with a win like this. The Red Foxes will face Hartford in exactly one week.


The Black Knights will look to regroup after losing to unranked Marist. Army had two good wins over UMass and Rutgers earlier in the year, and this will be its first loss that will put them at a 3-1 record. No. 5 Syracuse looms this Sunday, so the Black Knights will need to get back on track in the next five days in order to get a win in the Dome.

Congrats to Marist on the major win!