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Norway Lacrosse Update: BI Lions (And Lionesses)

Editor’s Note: Please welcome Rune Andersson back to LAS! Rune is a member of the BI Lions, in Oslo, Norway. He’s been updating us on how the game is really taking off in Norway, and this post is no exception.


The BI Lions Lacrosse crew are stepping up the game, and not only in how much we play lacrosse. We also participate in a lot of alternative training, such as cross fit, and running as a couple of examples.

We are now training and working towards the Norwegian Championships, but first we have to qualify to the finals and the last part of the championship. The qualifying run will be the 12-14th of April, in Oslo.


Since there are now so many players in Norway, it has been decided that every team can only participate with one team during the championships. No longer can a big club send multiple teams. So the players are all training very hard to make the draft and will fight for their  right to represent their school or club and wear the jersey.

Last year, the Lions Lacrosse won the Bronsfinal. This year the goal is to bring the Gold back home to the BI Norwegian Business School. To have that kind a goal, we have to fight and play as a team, and not as individuals.

It has also began a new lacrosse team at the BI Business School; Lionesses Lacrosse. These girls are doing very well and won the silver in SL13 – Student Championship in Trondheim in Norway. So we are very proud of the girls, who only have been playing for 6 months.

If you are more interested In Lions Lacrosse and the life on and off the lacrosse field of, you can follow us on the different sites…