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That Old Lacrosse Head: OG Brine Edge

Welcome to the first EVER episode of That Old Lacrosse Head! This weekly series will feature an older lacrosse head which has been donated to CityLax (in NYC) that is in need of some tender loving care. I’ll take the old stick, show you a little before action, run through what I did to fix it up, and then show off the finished product!

The idea here is to re-use as much of the original material as possible. So if an old piece of hard mesh is reusable, I am keeping it in the stick. If the sidewall string is still good to go, it’s going back in after a quick cleaning. Same goes for shooting strings, bottom strings, and anything else I can repurpose. I am not just putting a new pocket into an old stick… I am putting a new old pocket BACK INTO the same stick! It’s a unique challenge, but I’m excited to give it the old college try!

First up has to be an OG Brine Edge. This was THE stick in high school and college for years, and at one point it seemed like 90% of the players on any given field were using one. Since it is the ultimate classic, we’re starting with the Edge, and bringing it up to today’s high standard of pocket technology.

That Old Lacrosse Head – Ep. 1 – Brine Edge

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As you can see, I was able to reuse almost all of the material from the original head in the new head. Here are a couple of things I did that are not included in the video above:

I washed the mesh in hot water. I also washed the shooting strings in hot water. The water turned a dark and murky brown because there was a ton of dirt in both the shooters and the mesh. I didn’t clean them 100%, but took the big time muck out of the picture.

I also washed the head off. I used a sponge and some warm water. Nothing more and only gave it a quick scrubbing.

I used new string for the top string, sidewalls, and bottom string. The old stuff was trashed and fraying.

– I put two shooters in for the video. I added a third straight shooter more recently and it throws great.

Next week’s episode of That Old Lacrosse Head will feature an STX X2 with a cool but scuffed John Jay dye job. It’s another old school classic, a great head, and stick that is going to see new life with CityLax!