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That Old Lacrosse Head: STX Hi Wall

The STX Hi Wall is a classic non-offset head, but I don’t just have a STX Hi Wall today… I also have an STX Laser Hi-Wall, which is actually something different, in its own way.

The STX Laser Hi Wall came out first, and it’s a follow up to STX’s Laser Lite head, which had a slightly thinner sidewall. Both of these sticks had round, or “doweled” shaft insertion areas, meaning that you couldn’t use an octagonal shaft on these heads… you had to use a shaft that was round on one end. It was bizarre, but that’s the way things were done back then! You put the screw in on the SIDE of head, which is also extremely weird in retrospect.

Only a short time later, STX changed the throat of the Laser Hi-Wall, removed the word Laser from the name, and offered up a truly excellent head designed to work with octagonal shafts. This head was simply called the STX Hi Wall.

There are other variations of STX Hi Wall sticks out there, and a super rare one to find is the STX Golden Hi Wall. I actually have one of those at my dad’s house in Maine, original shaft and all. Maybe that stick will get the rehab treatment next time I’m up there… or maybe I’ll just let it be.

The STX Hi Wall is a classic stick, and so is the Laser (and Golden) Hi Wall. All of these sticks have a full 2″ sidewall, and could take a beating. They were tough, well designed, simple, and effective.

A small cross section of D1 players continued to use the STX Hi Wall through the 90s, but by the mid-2000s it had become a dinosaur, and fell out of favor.

STX Hi Wall & Laser Hi Wall

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Next week I’ll be fixing up another old lacrosse head and fixing up the pocket, then giving it back to CityLax. What head will I fix up? What head do YOU want to see me fix up? The choices are endless, so speak up and let me know what you want to see!