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Onondaga Lacrosse Sets Records in 2015 VIDEO

Onondaga Lacrosse Sets Records in 2015? NO WAY! The Onondaga Community College men’s lacrosse team set some REMARKABLE records in 2015 in the NJCAA, and it’s easy to call them the most dominant dynasty that JuCo has ever seen. That’s not a knock on the old Herkimer or Nassau teams in any way (they were certainly great too!), but with all the hardware and all the wins crammed into such a short window of time, OCC is the undisputed King of this disco!

Onondaga Lacrosse Sets Records in 2015

18-0 Season

105 Game Winning Streak (still active)

7th Consecutive NJCAA National Title

OCC has won the last 7, and nine of the last ten. That’s insane.

They also had NINE NJCAA All Americans: Tyson Bell (defense), Oakley Thomas (defense), Holden McDonald (goalie), Chandler Allen (LSM), Sean Ohlaver (midfield), Matt Bennett (attack), Adam Bomberry (midfield), Kyle Killen (midfield), and Brian Rice (attack).

There is also some national championship swag available. Not gonna lie, that shirt is classic!

Onondaga Lacrosse Sets Records VIDEO

I love this video. Usually I don’t love videos with photos in them, but I’ll gladly make an exception here. There are plenty of highlight reel goals, and you get a good sense of the team from the below video as well. Worth a watch!

Some of those goals are just absolutely ridiculous, and it’s clear to see why so many of the OCC graduates go on to play D1 lacrosse, or at some other high level.

Check out the videos we made from the last two (2013 and 2014) national title games. OCC defeated Nassau Community College in both games, and there were plenty of pretty goals and great defensive plays in both games.

2014 NJCAA Title Game

2013 NJCAA Title Game

Next year, OCC returns to the field, and while some of their talent returns, a good deal departs (especially on defense). The chance for them to lose a game is always there, but if I had to put my money on it, I’d say OCC will reload, and be just as dangerous as ever.