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American Revolution Lacrosse in England London Spencer Lacrosse
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Lax Opportunity! – American Revolution High School Lacrosse Team

Editor’s Note: 412 recently took the “American Revolution” back to England, and then over to Denmark for the Copehagen Cup.  He and Mike Brand brought a team of 18-25 year old gentlemen over to play the Spencer Lacrosse Club (near London), and then compete against teams from Switzerland, Norway, and Denmark.  The plan for next year is already in the works, but 412 has also added on a high school component to his offering of trips.  And kids are already signing up!

Not everyone could join the American Revolution in Europe, so we came up with a way to keep the experience going in the States by offering a travel team for rising seniors and juniors this fall and winter.

American Revolution Lacrosse in England London Spencer Lacrosse
American Revolution Lacrosse in England.

If you’re a senior; are you looking to challenge yourself prior to your spring season?  Do you want to play in front of college coaches one last time as a high school senior?

If you’re a junior; are you hoping to make an impression on college coaches prior to the summer? Do you want to meet new people? Do you want to travel to new places?

We’re organizing a competitive roster to compete for fall tournament titles but our primary objective is to give you, the individual, an opportunity to play in front of college coaches this off-season.  Both teams will be coached by the Indiana University coaching staff, head coach Peter Tumbas and top assistant Pete Nelson.

American Revolution Lacrosse in England London Spencer Lacrosse helmets
Who knows what the gear will be like!

The high school version of the American Revolution will compete in the Denver Team Camp November 5-6 and the Adrenaline Challenge January 7-8 in San Diego. You may sign up for one or both tournaments although preference will be given to players committed to both events.

Why Denver and Adrenaline?  These are the premier events on the West Coast, which means they attract the best teams, which attract the most college coaches.  Whether or not you’re interested in playing at Indiana, you will be seen by over 100 D1, D2, D3 and MCLA coaches in November and January.

The roster is filling up. Head to our website!high-school to learn more.

We look forward to working with you!
-Coach Tumbas