Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel
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Gear Showcase: Original Renegade

A newly emerged lifestyle from Hoboken, New Jersey has made a big impact on the lacrosse market in every way they can.

From breaking out at the 2014 World Lacrosse Championship by outfitting Team Uganda in brand new t-shirts to going big at #LaxCon 2015, Original Renegade has entered the marketplace and people are taking notice.

Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel

Currently focusing on streetwear, Original Renegade has a variety of men’s and women’s options in a ton of different designs. From more classic and reserved styles to edgy artwork and loud statements, Original Renegade is taking the strides to offer products to suit every demographic of the lacrosse industry.

From the designs to the tiny details that make top-notch apparel, Original Renegade has it covered. They stitch their logo tag on the bottom hem of all of their shirts and have their own logos printed inside the collar because they understand nothing is worse than seeing a Hanes logo or a scratchy tag from Hades.

Their hats are high quality snapbacks and I even noticed some beanies and bucket hats at LaxCon that were pretty killer too. The zip up hoodie quickly became one of my favorite pieces in my collection. It’s super soft and they run slightly larger for their listed size so if fits me like a dream. The materials are super high quality and the designs are subtle but on point, a true must have.

Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel

Some of their designs venture in a more extreme sports direction, offering designs that seem close to styles offered by giants like Famous and Y&R. While they have bold offerings catering to the boasting, edgy crowds that like the idea of rocking a tattooed Marilyn Monroe on their chests, there are plenty of more conservative picks for the dads and more humble lacrosse players.

From being a Crease Beast to remembering to Make Shots Not Excuses, Original Renegade is here to introduce a brand that players and fans can identify with. A blend of past, present and future, Original Renegade is giving it there all to takeover in the lacrosse industry.

Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel

Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel
The choices, the choices!
Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel
For the ladies
Original Renegade lacrosse lifestyle apparel
Mad Options!

Check out the Original Renegade website to pick up some of their apparel for yourself and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to keep up with the young brand!