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Overtime Episode 3 - Organizations
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Overtime Episode 3 – Organizations

Overtime Episode 3 – Organizations

Wednesday, June 24th, 2020 – 8 p.m. ET 

OVERTIME Episode III turns the focus to organizations, and we have gathered leaders from various levels who are all doing great work. While we may not have all the answers, this episode focuses on sharing ideas and concepts centered around inclusion from a program to individual player viewpoint.

The Panel: Organizations

  • Mike Levin, Harlem Lacrosse
  • Summer Aldred, Detroit United LC
  • Mike Allan, UC Santa Barbara
  • Dan Lannon, Arizona Lacrosse League
  • Chazz Woodson, Nation United LC
  • Ken Lovic, Men’s Collegiate Lacrosse Association
  • Eboni Preston-Laurent, US Lacrosse
  • Rory Doucette, Legends Lacrosse

My apologies in advance, as I forgot to hit the “record” button at the start, so you will join us already in discussion. The panel bios are announced at the end this time.


Simply put: an open conversation series on racism in the sport of lacrosse.

Overtime – Intends to provide a forum for members of the lacrosse community to discuss matters of racism from their own experiences and perspectives. Through these communal talks, the once uncomfortable can be turned into a teachable and growth opportunity for a better future.

Today, the need to better understand each other is paramount if we, as a community, are to successfully continue as stewards of lacrosse. We are definitely NOT born with hatred of other human beings. It’s learned, it’s a product of our environment & experiences, but we are not born to hate. Lacrosse holds a special place in the hearts of all who participate (players, coaches, administratively, referees, team managers, and even our special fans). As with national sentiment, this conversation & change is long overdue. This is not a red or blue political statement.

Using the Zoom platform to record them, we will stream the discussions over popular lacrosse platforms. I wish it to be seen by as many world wide eyeballs as possible, so if you have a website that would like to carry it, just let me know.

For full transparency, depending on panelist availability, we record on Sunday or Monday. The editing team only corrects any technical mistakes (someone disconnects, etc.) and not our discussion.

Our goal is to welcome viewers right back here to and other lacrosse-focused platforms every Wednesday at 8 p.m. EST/5 p.m. PST. The curated panel of guests will include voices from all corners of the lacrosse community and all walks of life.

Thank you for your willingness to take this leap of faith with me. I don’t believe any effort we make can fail since nobody has anything to measure us by.

Together we CAN effect positive change.

Matt Holman
Overtime Organizer
EMW Foundation

Overtime was created by Matt Holman, founder of the EMW Foundation, a San Diego based non-profit dedicated to hosting and promoting lacrosse events for a cause. Overtime is made possible by the dedication of the Prodigy Media Group and RPM Athlete Performance. With inspirational credit to Dr. Fred Opie, a must for podcast fans.

Follow the EMW Foundation on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for more initiatives to #GrowTheGame!