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‘Peterborough Pick’ has the Lakers back in the MSL Final

Photo Credit: Darryl Smart/SN Chiefs

Peterborough Pick

These words made famous by the two-man game the Peterborough Lakers became known for introducing to the game of lacrosse (it’s what my coaches called it when teaching me).

They isolate 2 defenders versus 2 offense on one side of the floor creating space. The player without the ball will set a hard or soft pick on the ball carrier. Hence you never know who they want coming out of the pick as the shooter; and a good percentage of the time this leads to the 2 defenders covering 1 offensive player at which point the ball is given to the open man to crash the cage.

For this article however, I’m talking about the choice Six Nations Chiefs’ D has to make when they play this high-powered offense with Shawn Evans on the right side and John Grant Jr. on the left.


Last night the Chiefs’ D chose to focus on the latter. The good news, Grant only had 1 goal and 1 assist; the bad news… the “Hardest Working Man In All Sports” (I personally have gone back to the ticket office and demanded to be charged twice after seeing how hard he works) Shawn Evans went 4 and 3. 3 goals back to back at the most crucial juncture in the game… the first 2 while a man down.

At 15:19 of the 1st period Shawn Evans made it 4-1 while killing off a Kyle Sorensen slashing minor; followed by another shorthanded goal at 2:55 of the 2nd while the Lakers were a man down due to a 5 minute major high-sticking infraction to his brother Scott. Not finished there Shawn added another, off a Tracey Kelusky feed, only 2 minutes and 9 seconds later; 6-1 Lakers.

Other offensive players stepping up and having a big games for the Lakers were Cory Vitarelli (3,1), Adam Jones with 4 assists; and it would make no sense to not include goaltender Matt Vinc with the offense whom had 2 assists for a playoff total of 8! Note: All of the goalies on both teams use Marc Mesh on sale now at… just saying).

Vinc also earned the game’s MVP, stopping 41 shots out of 47.

For the Six Nations Chiefs it was their #88 Cody Jamieson (3,2) leading the way with Roger Vyse (1,2) alognside.

Game 6 goes Friday night in Six Nations. For the Lakers it is imperative to keep the offense firing against this solid Chiefs D; and at the other end finding a way to stop the Chiefs from going on another 4 or 5 unanswered goal run(s).

While the series has been fight free; both teams’ D are 2 of the most punishing and relentless that I have seen a long time. Clearly the referees are letting a lot go either way. This is in large part why neither of these teams with offenses icons, like the names previously mentioned, along with Colin Doyle, Mark Steenhuis, Jeff Shattler and more; have been held below double digits every game of the series so far… that and the standout performances by both teams’ goalies earning them back-to-back MVP honors.

If you can’t make it to Game 6 but want to watch at home, you can do so by going to (it is a $7 pay per view); yours truly will be calling the color commentary.
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To learn more about Six Nations’ culture and part of the story behind the Two Row Wampum and the Hiawatha Belt, watch the video bellow from one of this year’s earlier broadcasts!