Photo Of The Week!

This week’s Photo of the Week is another shot featuring a goalie.  What can we say?  We love those crazy keepers!

Lisa Steptoe (another great last name!), a mom of a player on the Indiana Tech team (we think it’s number 30!) sent over some pictures from their games against Liberty and Palm Beach Atlantic and for her effort, the entire Indiana Tech team has won Grow The Game Helmet Stickers!  Fantastic work, Lisa!  Good enough that you’re taking home the winning prize as well as the Honorable Mention.  Here at LAS we reward hard work, dedication and skill.  And Lisa’s got all three.



Indiana Tech vs. Liberty. Now where the heck is the ball?


More Indiana Tech love… this time from a face off against Palm Beach Atlantic University.  That’s in Florida.


Is that sand or water coming up? Remember wet turf? Ah, old school.

Email LaxAllStars the emailing address for the Indiana Tech team and we’ll get those stickers right out to you!  And keep up the great work, these photos are super.

Thanks all for submitting!  Now remember, if you SEE something, SAY something!

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