Photo Of The Week!


Editor’s note: The Photo of the Week is sponsored by Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses! Every week one lucky winner will get a free pair of sweet sweet shades!

And we’re back with another democratic Photo of the Week! The winner of this week’s PotW will be chosen by YOU!!!

We’ve selected five of the best submissions we’ve recently received and we’ve let each entrant know their photo is being showcased. Now, it’s up to LAS readers. All they can do is sit back and pray that readers choose their photo.

To pick the winner, just check out the photos below and cast your vote in the poll at the end of the post. And if you really like a photo, feel free to drop a comment as well – state your case to help sway the other readers! That can only help your choice’s chances!

photo of the week sunglasses

Each photo has a number on it that corresponds with the poll. A tie or unforeseen circumstance will be decided and dealt with by Lax All Stars. Now help someone win super cool sunglasses!

Oregon SFU pncll Eckenroad scores
#1 - Picking Corners vs. Canadians.
post goal lacrosse action
#2 - I like the way you move.
Lacrosse bruise
#3 - Lacrosse bruise at its finest!
lacrosse penalty MCLA chin music slash hold
#4 - Chin music.
max_lindsay_lax OC lacrosse
#5 - Don't slash me, bro.

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