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The LaxAllStars Photo Of The Week is back!  The Photo of the Week is STILL sponsored by Man Bro Bro Man Sunglasses! Every week one lucky winner will get a free pair of sweet sweet shades!  Well now, the winner will still receive a great prize pack, also including socks, stickers and more, but the submission format has changed just a little bit!

To win Photo Of The Week, you still have to send in a photo, and it still doesn’t have to be you.  But at this point, we’ve given out and sold more LAS gear than we originally thought possible, so a new PotW requirement is that the photo must have at least one piece of LAS gear in it to win.  The player in an action shot could be wearing LAS socks, or LAS shorts, or have an LAS or GTG sticker on their helmet.  Candid shots with LAS gear are also great options!  Or maybe you have a great photo and someone happens to be wearing some LAS gear in the background?  Or an LAS sticker placed somewhere truly awesome.  WHO KNOWS!  But the key is to be creative!

Once you have your photo, Email it to us at!  Make sure to place “Photo Of The Week” in the subject line!

This week’s winner is Kevin Rowen, for a couple of reasons.  1) Rocking the “This Is Real” tank at a non-lax event. 2) Striking a pretty killer pose. 3) The cool indifference displayed by both people in the photo.  Well done, Kevin!  Email your mailing address to

THis is real tank top Photo
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

So remember, Email your Photo Of The Week (with LAS gear in it!) to info@lacrosseallstars.comand include “Photo of the Week” in the subject line!  We can’t wait to see what you guys come up with.  Good luck!

Thailand Lacrosse Magazine ad
And a HUGE shout out to the Thailand Lacrosse Assoc. for THEIR huge shout out to us!