Photo of the Week: Ballet Lacrosse


A few weeks ago, University of Akron middie Nick Lopez tweeted us an awesome photo of two kids doing ballet while wearing lacrosse helmets and holding lacrosse sticks. I’m no dance expert, but I think those ballerinas would make pretty fierce lacrosse players!

Ballet Lacrosse

Identifying the art of lacrosse through ballet.

Maybe Cascade should get in the dance business next! Or maybe not… either way, this is still a great Photo of the Week!

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Kevin Rowen

Kevin grew up in Irvine, CA where he started playing lacrosse in the 6th grade. He played for multiple teams in the Adrenaline Starz organization back in the days before Adrenaline was an official sponsor, and played four years for the Northwood High School Timberwolves. Now, Kevin attends UCLA and plays attack for the Bruins.


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