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Play For Ezra – October 12-13th

On October 12th and 13th, Nadzitsaga-Harney Lacrosse and the Burns Paiute Tribe will be hosting the Reservation Day Celebration & Pow Wow and the 6th Annual Amos First Raised III Medicine Games Lacrosse Tournament at Burns High School, Burns, Oregon.

Each year, the tournament has a specific theme, and the games are played in a more traditional manner (as medicine), harking back to the origins of the game we all know today as lacrosse. The games are played in conjunction with the Paiute Tribe’s Annual Pow Wow and Reservation Day Celebration thus making for a unigue educational, cultural, and history-filled weekend.

This year’s theme for the lacrosse tournament will be “Play for Ezra.” Ezra Parker, the son of former Corvallis Lacrosse Coach Josh Parker, was recently diagnosed with Juvenile Myelomonocytic Leukemia (JMML) and is undergoing treatment ( The entire lacrosse event will be played on behalf of Ezra and his family. Any and ALL  proceeds will be donated to the Parker family. This is an ‘open’ round robin tournament, 7 v 7 (goalie, 2 A, 2 M, 2 D), game to 4 (four).

At the end of the day on Saturday a ‘Medicine Game’ will be played for Ezra.  The basic format is as follows: All players participate, no equipment-sticks only, teams selected randomly, 4″ x 4″ wooden posts for goals, game to 7 (seven).  Wooden sticks/shafts are not only allowed but, encouraged!  A Medicine Game was, and still is, played to help heal the sick. The Medicine Game is where the game we know as ‘lacrosse’ originates.

Cost is $10/player, payable to: Ezra Parker c/o Nadzitsaga Lacrosse.

For more information contact Richard Roy, Head Coach- Nadzitsaga-Harney Lacrosse at