Regina Heat players - Ales Hrebesky Memorial 2015 box lacrosse tournament
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The Players You’ll Meet at Every Tournament

Every lacrosse player has his or her quirks. Some size-to-strength to skill-to-speed, everyone plays in a way that feels the most right to them. But at every tournament, you’ll meet similar types of lacrosse players, and it can’t be escaped.

It doesn’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter where you go – whether it’s overseas or across a border for some competition or in upstate New York for PrimeTime Lacrosse’s Lake George National Invitational – these laxers will surround you.

These are the five lacrosse player types you’re guaranteed to find at every lacrosse tournament:

Five Types of Lacrosse Players You’ll Find At Every Tournament

1. True Athletes

Maybe these guys are fresh out of college, or maybe they just stayed in better shape than everyone else over the years. Either way, there are usually one or two guys on every field who stand out athletically. The speed and strength show themselves in college games, but true athletes really shine through in open lacrosse tournaments when they’re facing the weekend warriors.

2. Cagey Veterans

They might not be the fastest or the youngest guys on the field, but they know the game. Don’t sleep on these sneaky players – some you can identify by their CPX Chicago Machine helmets, others you only start to notice after they light up the scoreboard. High skill, casual excellence, and old man knowledge add up to create a formidable gray-haired opponent.

Connor Wilson Gaels players AHM 2017

3. Lumberjacks

Lacrosse is lacrosse, and even in the most laid-back tournaments, you’re going to find guys who throw very hard checks and aren’t afraid to lay the body. Don’t take it personally, it’s just who they are, and they’re letting you know they’re there. You can thank them for the awesome bruises you’ll be able to show off the next week or two, and it’ll be even worse if you don’t keep your head on a swivel!

You might not have professionals like these barreling down at you, but there are plenty of amateurs who can pack a punch. Be aware.

4. The Jokers

A smile is always present and silliness abounds, but more often than not, this is just a cover for someone who can really play the game. Think about it: if one guy on the field is laughing maniacally, and everyone else is acting pretty normal, the Joker may know something you don’t. Beware the wild card, as they’ll just as readily make a silly face as they’ll score a silly goal.

5. The Organizers

Every team you see on the field at a lacrosse tournament was organized by someone, typically this player will be a long stick. Don’t ask me why, it’s just the way it goes.

Either way, this player will put the same effort into guarding you as they did organizing their team, and while it won’t be flashy, it will likely be effective. The Organizer may seem way too into it, but they did put in all this effort, so if you think they’re going to take it easy, you’ve got another thing coming!

PrimeTime Lacrosse Penguins owners
The men behind PrimeTime Lacrosse.

Opportunities for Adult Players

It can be difficult to get a group of adults together for a lacrosse weekend. Kids, spouses, jobs and responsibilities can make it tough. There might not be a natural-born Organizer in your area to make it easy on you, so you may have to assume that role to bring lacrosse tournaments to you and your friends.

If you’re looking for a chance to travel, enjoy time around friends, have a great time and get some lax in, check out the Nantucket Lacrosse Festival, a one-day men’s and women’s lacrosse tournament in Nantucket, Massachusetts, put on by PrimeTime Lacrosse, with the action set for August 14, 2021.