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PLL Players Who Deserve More Love

The PLL showcases the most talented and skilled players in the sport of lacrosse. While some athletes in the league receive considerable attention and accolades, others often go unnoticed or don’t get the love they deserve. In this article, I spotlight three exceptional PLL players who deserve more love and recognition for their impressive skills and accomplishments to come.

Asher Nolting

Asher Nolting is a player who flies under the radar when it comes to conversations about standout athletes in the PLL. Some might argue that he receives the recognition he deserves, but I beg to differ. Perhaps it’s because he plays for the struggling Cannons, but one cannot deny the outstanding numbers he has been putting up this season. Nolting has notched an impressive 22 points in five games, showcasing his range with 11 goals and 11 assists. His impact on the field is undoubtedly felt with a shooting percentage of 35% and 11 groundballs.

Even when we look back at his 2022 rookie season, Nolting secured 23 points in ten games. His continued improvement from his rookie year has been remarkable, and the PLL is starting to sprinkle in some Nolting love. Yet, despite this recognition, Nolting’s name rarely surfaces in lacrosse conversations, which is a puzzling oversight. If you were to ask a lacrosse fan to name some of their favorite PLL players, I doubt Noltin’s name arises. As a two-time all-star, Nolting’s contributions deserve more appreciation, and his style of play should inspire aspiring players at the high school and middle school levels. It’s time for him to be acknowledged as not just a promising second-year player but as one of the best in the league.

Nolting’s impressive college career left a lasting mark on the history of collegiate lacrosse. With a total of 344 points, he ranks ninth in all-time collegiate lacrosse scoring. Playing for High Point University, he consistently delivered exceptional performances, recording at least one point in every single game he played. The Cannons made a wise choice selecting him in the 2022 PLL Draft, and it’s time for fans and analysts alike to acknowledge what he brings to the table. 

Jackson Morrill

Another player who deserves more recognition is Jackson Morrill. He might not be the star player on the field, but he plays a vital role in the Chromes’ offense. Often considered an unsung hero, Morrill’s presence is highly respected by his teammates and opponents alike. While his stats may not be extraordinary, his versatility and ability to adapt to various roles make him a crucial glue guy for his team.

Looking back at his college career at Yale, Morrill showcased his scoring ability, ranking second in career points with 220 and fifth in career goals with 113. Unfortunately, his 2020 season was cut short due to cancellation, but his pre-season accolades already attested to his talent. With a 55-game active points streak, he displayed remarkable consistency.

Although his 2022 season may not have lived up to expectations, it’s important to recognize the value Morrill brings to the game. He consistently demonstrates an exceptional understanding of the game and contributes significantly to his team’s performance, whether he is with or without the ball. It’s time to give credit where it’s due and appreciate Jackson Morrill’s impact on the field.

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith is a player who caught the attention of lacrosse enthusiasts when he was selected in the draft, but he deserves even more recognition for his performances. Playing for the Chaos, it might be easy to be overshadowed by stars like Dhane Smith and Josh Byrne, but Smith has finally started to carve out his place as a crucial member of the team’s offense. His shot selection and playing style are a perfect fit for the Chaos, and he continues to improve with each passing season. Smith has ten goals on 67% shooting this season alone and is looking to have his best PLL season yet.

Having been selected by the Rochester Knighthawks in the first round of the 2020 NLL Entry Draft and later picked by the Chaos in the PLL College Draft, Smith has proven himself in different leagues. He showcases his talent in both the NLL and PLL, highlighting his adaptability and skill on the field.

His college career at Robert Morris was filled with accomplishments, with 145 goals and 75 assists to his name. As a well-rounded player with a bright future ahead, it’s only a matter of time before Ryan Smith earns a spot in an all-star game. His contributions to the Chaos should be acknowledged, and he deserves more love from lacrosse enthusiasts everywhere.


The Premier Lacrosse League boasts a plethora of talented players, and while some receive well-deserved recognition, others remain underappreciated despite their remarkable contributions. Asher Nolting, Jackson Morrill, and Ryan Smith are three such players who deserve more love and acknowledgment for their outstanding skills, contributions, and accomplishments.