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powell lacrosse dye it string it contest
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Powell Lacrosse Dye It & String It Challenge

Powell Lacrosse has kicked off its “Dye It & String It” Challenge. To enter, you can purchase Powell Lacrosse Dye It & String It Kit by clicking here, post your creation to Instagram and potentially win a brand new custom lacrosse stick in one of the top lacrosse contests going on right now.

Powell Lacrosse’s ‘Dye It & String It’ Challenge

Quick Info About The ‘Dye It & String It’ Challenge

Powell Lacrosse has also provided some helpful stringing and dyeing videos on their website to get you started in case you are new at this. You can see the full contest details, which we’ve also listed below, as well as those instructional videos. You can see all of this information in addition to buying the kit by clicking here.

Can you spot one of the LaxAllStars crew members in one of those videos?

So, How Do I Enter To Win For This Powell Lacrosse Contest?

Powell Lacrosse has launched its “Dye It & String It” challenge to help ease the boredom of sitting at home due to the current situation with lacrosse seasons being either postponed or canceled.

Here’s The Fine Print

1. Purchase the ‘Dye It & String It’ kit on or before April 1st, 2020

2. First, Dye It & String It and then post it to Instagram!

  • Must be posted on or before April 14th, 2020.

  • @powelllacrosse must be tagged.

  • Must use the hashtag #DyeItStringIt.

  • Providing a few photos from different angles is encouraged!

3. Winners

  • We will select winners and post one winner every day from April 15th – April 30th (16 total winners will be chosen).

  • Everything that you do will get judged for the “Dye It & String It” contest so please post completed heads.

  • Casey and Ryan Powell will be the only two judges for this contest, so if you don’t win take it up with them. :)

  • Winners selected will receive a brand new custom lacrosse stick!