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Presidents Cup 2018 – Day 5 Recap

The President’s Cup tournament is Canada’s national championship for Senior ‘B’ box lacrosse. The national summer sport of Canada has been full-throttle since Sunday and continues to September 2, when a national champion will hoist the Presidents Cup. Follow along as we bring the games to you LIVE and FREE, as well as photos, videos and all the fun that surrounds this outstanding tradition.

Caughnawaga Indians – 15, Saskatoon Brewers – 5

This was a tough one for the Brewers to come into after watching Caughnawaga upset the reigning champions the day prior. The Brewers never stopped playing hard, and earned each of their 5 goals. Most of them came in transition, while Caughnawaga’s goals came primarily from slick ball movement which manufactured scoring opportunities. Caughnawaga had double duty today, as they would later try to remain unbeaten as they would take on the Capital Region Axemen.

Oakville Titans – 16, Ladner Pioneers – 6

I feel I have to apologize to the Oakville Titans. By ‘I’, I do of course mean all the people and teams that were questioning this young team in their first-ever appearance at Presidents Cup. There aren’t many big names from the NLL, but these boys came to run. The Pioneers were visibly gassed as they played their third game in 24 hours. The Titans forced the Pioneers into playing their up-tempo brand of lacrosse, not the style of solid and articulate five-on-five Pioneer ball we have seen the previous games from Ladner. Craig Wende was once again outstanding in net for Oakville. The offensive trio of Apers, Renaud and Blakely was also red hot again, as they contributed to just about every one of Oakville’s goals. The Titans effectively relegated the Pioneers in this game, and now have a very achievable third or fourth seed in sight.

St. Albert Miners – 10, Onondaga Redhawks – 5

What an awesome game. The Redhawks came into this game after having a relatively down year at the Presidents Cup. Onondaga jumped out early to take the 1-0 lead, and from there it was a back-and-forth game that entertained all who were in attendance. Both teams made the mental mistakes that accompany tired legs and bruised bodies. The end result was lots of transition that either led to a goal at one end, and if that didn’t connect led to an opportunity at the other end. Back and forth these teams went. Rarely ever did we see five-on-five lacrosse, and even fewer times did we see settled offense connect for a goal. Onondaga put up a valiant fight that unfortunately doesn’t get the credit it deserves on the score sheet. Penalties and broken plays allowed Keegan Bal and Pat O’Meara to do what they do best. While the Redhawks were shutout in the third, a valiant effort by Edmund Cathers in cage for Onondaga helped the Redhawks as he recorded 52 saves. The Miners add a notch in the win column as they look towards this weekend’s playoffs. Any Redhawk hopes for President’s Cup hardware are all but dashed, even with as they needed an almost impossible scenario needing to happen if they had pulled out the win today over the Miners.

Capital Region Axemen – 8, Caughnawaga Indians – 7

The story after yesterday was how the Goliath of a team in the Miners had been fallen by the Caughnawaga Indians. Consistent with the spirit of the tournament and the game of lacrosse in general, it seems no one is safe from a loss. The Axemen started the week on the wrong foot, losing two of their first three by one goal, including one in overtime. Three losses relegated the Axemen in the minds of most, but Blake Kenny and Mark Vradenburg had plans of their own for this game. The Axemen jumped out to an early lead, but never lead by more than two goals throughout the game. I do not believe Caughnawaga ever led, but successfully tied the game multiple times. Key names like Miller, Bucktooth and Francis were all absent, and it seems the double-duty of two games in one day caught up with the weary Indians. I was a recreation major in college, and numbers weren’t really my strong suit – but I BELIEVE there is a scenario possible for the Axemen to advance to playoffs if the right people lose enough games. Caughnawaga could possibly be completely unaffected by this loss in the standings as well. Numbers. Math. Lacrosse.

Nanaimo Timbermen – 6 (OT), Oakville Titans – 5

What a thriller! In what may be the lowest scoring game of the tournament, we never had more than a two goal lead. That came when the game was at 4-2 in the second period. Props to the Oakville Titans. These guys fear no team, and every game is theirs to win. I feel like I keep repeating myself but Craig Wende is unbelievable in net for these Titans. This would not have gone to extra time with ANY other goaltender in the tournament. Goals from Shires and Shattler stuffed the stat sheet per usual for the Timbermen, but it was Jordan Cunningham in extra time that sent the hometown crowd into a fervor. With this win I BELIEVE we should see Nanaimo obtain a three-seed and Oakville the four, but seriously – NOBODY is safe on day six of eight. The bodies are beaten and tired, and whoever shows up ready to do battle can win the day.


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