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Pro Field Lacrosse Roster Tracker
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Pro Field Lacrosse Roster Tracker

Welcome to the 2020 Pro Field Lacrosse Roster Tracker!

Trying to keep up with the MLL and PLL and their rosters moves can make your head spin. We developed this resource to help bring everything together into one place.

For the PLL, they have submitted their protected rosters, had their collegiate draft, and completed the waiver period. Next is to establish their 22-man rosters for the Championship Series, which is where their game day lineups will be formed from. As for the MLL, they will carry a 40-man roster going into their training camp, but will cut those down prior to their season activities, which have yet to be announced.

So, keep this page bookmarked and come back when you need to stay on top of any signings, trades, etc. that will impact who you will see on the field this summer.

Now, onto the technicalities:

Status Definitions

Drafted – MLL Only: Senior NCAA Players whose rights are owned by a team.
Player Pool – Players released from a team.
Retired – On to greener pastures.
Excused Inactive – PLL only: players not attending the Championship Series, but the team retains their rights.
Military Inactive – Players in the military, but the team retains their rights.
Protected – Eligible for the active roster, specific contract status is unknown.
Active Roster – For both leagues, this is the indicator that they will be playing this summer. For the PLL, that means the Championship Series in Utah, and for the MLL that’s the tournament in Annapolis.
Unsigned Rookie – Rookies whose rights are owned by a team, but they have not announced a signing.


Now, it is important to stress that all of this information is reliant only on publicly available information. Even if we get wind of a trade or players being released, it will not find its way here until it is publicly announced. But, the goal at all times is to keep this up to date, ideally within minutes or even seconds of news coming out.

*Tips* Use search to find specific players, teams, schools, etc. Also, apply an “Active Roster” filter to view just players who will be playing this summer.

PLL Rosters

MLL Rosters