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MLL - Pro Lacrosse Player Pool

Are You Good Enough To Play Pro Lacrosse?

Ever dreamt of playing pro lacrosse? Here’s your chance to declare yourself eligible for the 2017 Major League Lacrosse (MLL) season.

Have YOU ever dreamt of playing field lacrosse at the highest level? Making pro lacrosse your full-time job? Well, if you graduated high school in 2013 or earlier, here’s your chance!

The Player Pool: Pro Lacrosse Players Only

major_league_lacrosse_logoIn order to qualify and officially declare yourself eligible for the 2017 Major League Lacrosse (MLL) season, you have to fill out the MLL’s registration form. Here are the details according to the league office:

If you currently have remaining NCAA eligibility, upon submitting this registration form you will forfeit any remaining NCAA eligibility.

To be eligible in 2017, you must be either a College Graduate OR if you did not attend College, you must have graduated High School no later than 2013.

By submitting this form, you are declaring yourself medically fit for professional field lacrosse and eligible for the 2017 MLL season. If you are found medically unfit due to a known medical precondition you will not be draft eligible until the 2018 season.

Upon registering for the 2017 MLL Player Pool, you will remain eligible to be claimed under MLL policies, at any time throughout the League season. If you are claimed from the Player Pool you will then be notified by that Team.

You are free to contact MLL teams to discuss interest, ability to travel and work commitments. No team may represent or warrant that a position on its Active Roster is guaranteed.

Click here to register now and take a chance at jumpstarting your pro lacrosse career!

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