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Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers: Playoff Race Heats Up

The PLL ventured north of the border to Canada and the MLL rankings are being flipped upside down as there were crazy games all over pro field lacrosse this past weekend.

Things are heating up in both leagues as the playoffs get closer and closer. Players are leaving it all on the field resulting in some amazing plays and some plays they wish they could forget. Let’s take a look at who had a winning weekend and who ended up in the losers column in this week’s edition of Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers. 

Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers


Whipsnakes LC

Whipsnakes LC exploded for 17 goals against Redwoods LC, as it held Redwoods to only four goals for the entire game. Matt Rambo had seven goals to lead Whipsnakes as they have now clinched a spot in the PLL playoffs. Kyle Bernlohr and the defense played incredible as they disrupted everything the Redwoods offense threw at them. The Clinchsnakes are looking like a serious contender for the first ever PLL Championship. 

Overtime Game Winning Goals 

There were a total of three overtime games this weekend between the MLL and PLL which means there were also three incredible game winning goals. Josh Bryne scored the winner for Chaos off of a slick shot from the wing. It was only fitting that a Canadian scored the game winner. Bryan Cole scored to give the Atlanta Blaze the win against the New York Lizards on a helter-skelter play in front of the net. The best overtime goal has to go to Zed Williams (aka Zeddy Ballgame) who came off of a pick, backed his defender down, and launched a missile to the back of the to give the Boston Cannons a huge win. 

Paul Rabil 

With all the work that Paul Rabil does behind the scenes for the PLL to run smoothly it is incredible that he still has time to train for the games. This past weekend, Rabil showed that he is more than just the co-founder and face of the league. The Atlas midfielder scored three goals and added one assist on the way to a huge win for his team. His lefty on the run shot with a minute left in the game would be the game winner. Rabil is like a real life version of Jackie Moon.

Honorable Mentions

Jack Curran

Jack Curran scored a whopping five goals to help extend the Dallas Rattlers win streak to four as they defeated the Denver Outlaws for the second time this season. The Rattlers might have a 4-7 record, but they are the hottest team in pro lacrosse right now. 

Challen Rogers

Challen Rogers made a play every lacrosse player dreams about in the Boston Cannons win against the Chesapeake Bayhawks. Rogers yard sale’d a Bayhawk, scooped up the ball, and stung a two-point shot. That is pretty much the ultimate in your face play a player can pull off. 


Chrome LC

Although it put up a valiant last ditch effort, Chrome LC has been eliminated from the PLL playoffs. The team was up at half against Atlas, but wasn’t able to hold off a comeback by Paul Rabil and company. What is really crazy about Chrome’s season is that even with all of its losses they are still fourth in goal differential. That is how close it was to winning so many of its games. At least Chrome has a new goal to work toward thanks to the PLL playoffs format. They have their own playoff games to play still, but not for the championship. They will now be playing to get the first pick in the 2020 PLL Entry Draft. 

Whoever is Ranking the Sportscenter Top 10 Plays… Seriously

Players in both the MLL and the PLL have been making jaw dropping plays all summer that have been landing lacrosse on SportsCenter’s Top 10 Plays. However, I still don’t think any plays have been given the No. 1 spot. If any play was worthy of being No. 1 it would have been Connor Fields behind the back pass to Josh Bryne scoring a behind the back goal. Even for non-lacrosse fans, it has to be easy to see how insane the level of difficulty, luck and guts it takes to pull that play off, but somehow it only found its way to No. 6. The plays after it were impressive, but everybody has seen an amazing soccer goal or leaping baseball catch before. How about showing off an incredible play that rarely ever happens? Let’s hope SportsCenter will finally come to their senses and give an MLL or PLL play the No. 1 spot before the seasons are over. 

You be the judge if the goal should have been higher than the other plays. 

That’s it for this week’s Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers. Thanks for reading and we can’t wait to watch the games this weekend’s MLL and PLL games to see who will end up on here next.