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Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers: You’re Talking About Playoffs?!

It was a wild weekend of pro lacrosse games as the PLL began its first ever postseason and the MLL’s four playoff teams have been decided. Games like the Archers – Redwoods matchup had a thrilling third quarter that included back-to-back 2-pointers, while games like the Dallas Rattlers – Atlanta Blaze ended with last minute heroics on both ends of the field. Let’s see who had a winning weekend and who had a weekend to forget in this week’s edition of Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers.

Pro Lacrosse Winners And Losers


Connor Buczek

You know a player was feeling it when they ended up with more points than the other team scored throughout the entire game. Connor Buczek did just that, as he was dialed in, scoring three 2-point goals and three regular goals to set the new single game points record for the PLL. Not even a busted chin could stop Buczek.

Atlanta Blaze

For the first time in franchise history, the Atlanta Blaze will be playing in the postseason. The Blaze needed a win against the cinderella Dallas Rattlers to secure their spot in the playoffs. Thanks to the amazing play of back up goalie Max Edelman, Randy Staats and all the Blaze players selling out, it got the job done. Staats would help put the Blaze up with a ridiculous behind the back feed to Bryan Cole who buried the game winning goal, but Edelman and the defense were the ones who held it down at the end of the game to seal the deal.

Greg “Beast” Gurenlian

A huge key in Redwoods’ win against Archers was Greg Gurenlian stringing together faceoff wins and even scoring a huge goal on a fast break in the third quarter. With two different faceoff guys being thrown at him, Gurenlian utilized every move his repertoire to win the battle. The “Beast” has been on fire since returning from injury and will have to keep it up to give Redwoods a chance at the PLL title.

Honorable Mentions

The Whipsnakes Defense

All summer Chaos has had one of the deadliest and most creative offenses pro field lacrosse has ever seen, but in its playoff matchup against the Whipsnakes they were put in check. Whipsnakes goalie Kyle Bernlohr and the rangy defensive group in front of him smothered the Chaos on the way to a 15-7 win.

Bryce Wasserman Taking A Helicopter To His Game

The Dallas Rattlers may have lost to the Atlanta Blaze last weekend, but Rattlers’ attackman Bryce Wasserman taking a helicopter ride from a friend’s wedding to get to the game on time was a wild move. No one has likely ever done that to get to a pro lacrosse game.


Dallas Rattlers

The Rattlers were the best story of the summer for the past month and a half as they climbed out of last place and almost into a playoff spot with six straight wins. Unfortunately, that magical run has come to an end with their loss to the Blaze. Dallas salvaged its season in a big way as the players were able to come together for those huge wins and they should be proud of what they did. Hopefully we saw a glimpse into a bright future for the Dallas Rattlers.

Archers’ Injuries

The first ever PLL playoff game was one of the most exciting games of the summer, but a game that was so exciting was overshadowed by injuries. The best midfielder in the PLL, if not the best player in the world, Tom Schreiber, suffered a shoulder injury and had to leave the game after the first quarter. In the fourth quarter, as the Archers tried to mount a comeback, Jackson Place ran into Eddy Glazener in a freak accident that turned serious very quickly as Place laid motionless on the ground. The Archers would go on to lose the game, but the lacrosse community supporting Place was more important in that moment. Thankfully Place and Schreiber are both doing well. Place’s neck injury was especially scary, but it is terrific news to hear that he can feel everything and is in good spirits.

Who were your Pro Lacrosse Winners and Losers from last weekend?