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Ranking the 2023 NCAA D1 Lacrosse Tournament Helmets

As the NCAA Division 1 Men’s Lacrosse National Tournament captivates sports fans across the country, it’s not just the thrilling gameplay and remarkable athleticism that catch the eye. The teams’ lacrosse helmets, are on full display with distinctive designs and colors. These helmets not only serve as essential protective gear for the players but also provide an opportunity for teams to showcase their unique identity and style.

In this article, we embark on a journey through the lacrosse tournament’s helmets, carefully evaluating each one based on visual appeal, color scheme, logos, and overall aesthetics. While the players battle it out on the field, we rank the lacrosse helmets from 16 to 1, delving into the intricacies of their designs, and uncovering the hidden details that make each one remarkable.

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16) Bryant

Bryant’s helmet falls low on this list due to its lackluster color scheme. The Warrior Burns helmet, while not necessarily a bad look, doesn’t offer much excitement, especially when combined with Bryant’s limited color palette.

15) Cornell

Cornell’s commitment to tradition is evident in their helmet design. The apple red buckets, complemented by a white face mask and chin strap, exude a strong and timeless aesthetic. The inclusion of the classic Cornell “C” logo on the side completes the traditional feel.

14) Michigan

The Michigan helmet featuring the iconic winged design is undeniably a work of art. However, certain elements detract from its overall appeal. The silver face mask, black jaw piece, and white chin strap fail to harmonize with the Michigan branding. Updating these inconsistencies would propel this helmet to the top of the list.

13) Princeton

Princeton’s switch to the Cascade XRS helmet this season was a welcomed change. This clean helmet effectively showcases Princeton’s primary colors in a balanced manner. However, the placement of the small Princeton “P” logo on the side feels inadequate, given the limited space for decals on the XRS helmet.

12) Richmond

Similar to Princeton, Richmond’s helmet demonstrates a seamless fusion of colors. The balanced distribution of navy and red creates an aesthetically pleasing look. Notably, the oversized spider decal overlapping with the jaw piece adds an intriguing detail. Nonetheless, the navy and red color combination falls slightly short when compared to other helmets on this list.

11) Yale

Yale opts for a clean and classic look, aligning with the Ivy League tradition. The white buckets, utilizing with a decal covering the entire side, strikes a balance between simplicity and elegance. While not flashy, this helmet exudes a timeless appeal that resonates with Yale’s heritage.

10) Delaware

Delaware’s helmet may share some similarities with Michigan’s, but it successfully overcomes certain shortcomings. Despite the black jaw piece and white chin strap, the chrome blue face mask serves as a captivating addition. Moreover, Delaware’s shade of blue proves more enticing, especially when showcased on a winged helmet. A white jaw piece would have elevated this helmet even higher on this list.

9) Army

Army’s helmets have always evoked mixed feelings. The combination of black and gold of the institution, is executed flawlessly. A matte black helmet, paired with a gold face mask, earns immediate style points. The military-themed numbering and throwback Army logo enhance the overall decal design. However, the mohawk design, featuring the words “family” and “tradition,” may not be everyone’s favorite choice.

8) Georgetown

Georgetown consistently demonstrates swag in their designs, and their helmet is no exception. The matte blue color, complemented by gray and white accents, forms an unmatched combination. This helmet seamlessly aligns with the team’s uniforms, presenting a modernized yet traditional look. Unconventional decal placements along the top of the XRS showcases Georgetown’s willingness to take risks.

7) Penn State

Penn State shares similarities with Georgetown in terms of color scheme, albeit without the gray. Cursive lettering across the side of the helmet adds a touch of classic appeal that remains timeless. The inclusion of the traditional Penn State Nittany Lion logo on the chinstrap is a standout feature. Visually, both Georgetown and Penn State helmets are on par, with Penn State edging slightly ahead due to their deeper run in the tournament.

6) Virginia

Virginia’s decision to wear their white buckets during Championship Weekend was unexpected, but the all-white look still secures the No.6 spot on this list. Nevertheless, their usual orange domes, adorned with the double-crossing swords or the classic Virginia logo, are among the best helmets in college lacrosse. The orange helmets, rich in tradition, possess a timeless quality that elevates Virginia’s visual appeal. I wish they had stuck with the orange bucket as it is far superior to the Cavaliers’ other helmets.

5) Utah

Utah’s clean and polished look often goes underappreciated due to the school not being a traditional powerhouse. The red, black, and white color scheme blends harmoniously on their helmets. Utah successfully incorporates the traditional college stripe down the top, a design element that stands out amongst other institutions. Opting for black and white on the XRS jaw piece, instead of a solid color, is a nice change especially when compared to other programs that will use all one color.

4) Maryland

Maryland’s black helmet stands out as one of their best designs. The flag decal, taking a backseat due to the matte red color scheme, results in a striking visual. The “night mode” approach works exceptionally well for the Terrapins. Notably, the University of Maryland recognizes four primary colors (red, black, white, and yellow), which sets them apart from other institutions.

3) Duke

Duke’s switch to Cascade helmets brought about mixed feelings. However, their current helmet design surpasses previous iterations and is arguably their best ever. Clean and traditional, it perfectly embodies Duke’s identity. The shade of blue, combined with a Duke uniform, creates a stunning visual. The chapel decals along the mohawk provide a subtle yet impactful detail, enhancing the overall swag of the helmet.

2) Johns Hopkins

Johns Hopkins’ helmet, with the ghosted-out blue Jay and the black eye decal, is a thing of beauty. Known for their diverse logo usage and color variations, Johns Hopkins excels in creating visually captivating designs. The harmonious blend of colors and logos sets this helmet apart from the rest. However, the discrepancy between the shade of blue on the helmet and the shade of baby blue traditionally used by Johns Hopkins prevented it from securing the top spot.

1) Notre Dame

It comes as no surprise that the national champions claim the number one spot on this list. Notre Dame’s classic gold helmet remains largely unchanged, except for one small yet significant modification—the white jaw piece. This simple alteration elevates the helmet to a new level of flashiness, while still exuding tradition and cleanliness. Notre Dame’s lacrosse helmet embodies everything one could desire—a winning combination of flash, tradition, and aesthetics.