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Ranking the Newly Announced PBLA Team Names

The Professional Box Lacrosse Association recently let the fans vote on the team names for the leagues inaugural seven teams. As expected when letting fans decide anything at all, we had some pretty comical names in the running. Thankfully the PBLA kept a watchful eye on these names and gave us the top seven.

The PBLA just announced which team names made the cut so it only makes sense to rank them for worst to best. Now mind you, this list may change depending on the logos and colors of each team once that sort of stuff is decided down the line. All of the names for the most part are pretty could, but can easily be ruined with bad branding.

New England Chowderheads

There is absolutely zero drip to this name. How am I supposed to get excited for the Chowderheads? This was my biggest fear when the PBLA announced that fans would be picking the team names. This is most certainly a “meme” name picked by fans because it sounds funny. This is the only team name on this list that I completely despise.

Elmira Renegades

The Elmira Renegades just doesn’t roll off the tongue well at all. In 2022 whenever I hear the term “renegade” I think of the sensational TikTok dance that has taken the world by storm. This name isn’t awful by any means but I’m not feeling any sort of originality here. This is a tough name to get behind.

Syracuse Spark

I’m a sucker for alliteration and this is the first PBLA team on this list to embrace it. In reality, the team name Sparklemuffins won but the PBLA had to put its foot down and shorten that up to the Spark. Syracuse Spark has an extremely nice ring to it but I can only picture the WNBA team the Los Angeles Sparks. Will everyone think of the WNBA team? No, probably not. But as this name relates to the remaining names on this list it definitely takes a hit in the rankings landing the name at the No.5 spot.

Trenton Terror

The name features both alliteration and originality which I love. Terror is such a unique mascot name with so much potential depending on what direction the PBLA wants to head in with the team’s branding. Terror pairs very nicely next to Trenton and I am looking forward to seeing what logos and colors come with the name.

Charlotte Bootleggers

This is an extremally funny yet original name. The Charlotte Bootleggers feels like an amateur sports team name which is exactly what it needed to be. Based on the team name alone you can already sense a strong team identity coming out of Charlotte. While this might have been more of a “meme” selection, I think it inevitably works out as one of the best names in the PBLA.

Hampton Hammerheads

Now we are back on the alliteration train. The Hampton Hammerheads encompasses everything I would want from a semi-pro box lacrosse team. Hammerheads is one of the more underutilized mascots in sports so I’m happy to see it being used here. As long as the PBLA gets the team’s branding assets right, this name is a homerun.

Binghamton Bombers

The Binghamton Bombers feels right for so many reasons. It checks off the alliteration box, it plays on a unique mascot name, and most importantly it rolls nicely off the tongue. Those are really the three main boxes that you have to hit when naming a team. I could be persuaded to put this at No.2 and the Hammerheads at No.1, but as of right now I think the Binghamton Bombers is the best name in the PBLA.