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Examining RBLL Colorado Playoff Picture – IBLA Week 9

Author’s Note: Through the 2017 season, we’ve partnered with the Interstate Box Lacrosse Association (IBLA) to give you an inside look at what’s going on in all three Regional Box Lacrosse Leagues (RBLL). RBLL Colorado is wrapping up and hitting the postseason. The best days are here…

The final weekend of IBLA regular season action is on the near horizon. Two teams have punched their tickets to the RBLL Colorado postseason, Parker the only side guaranteed a shot at taking home the 2nd annual Front Range Cup in Colorado. Senior B also picks back up in the Rockies and we also get a the first playoff game this weekend.

With no one eliminated yet, the lacrosse spirit in Colorado is going to be alive and well, starting on Saturday. Before we get there, let’s roll things back a bit.


Sr. A: Stars 19, Wolves 7 – 10/7

After a convincing win for the Stars, Mile High earns the outright #2 seed for the playoffs, locking in the home game for Sunday night’s play-in round. The beginning of the night looked a lot different from the way it finished. Mile High rattled off three-straight in the first couple minutes to get the game rolling. A series of responses would exchange between the two sides and we would have a 4-3 Stars lead nearing the 9 minute mark.

From there, the tempo would completely change as the Stars started to absolutely shoot the lights out. The load was shared by four characters with an eight point Brendan Anger (4+4) evening forging the path for three more hat tricks, falling from Tyler Doskins (3+2), Dustin Grybinas (3+2), and Tyler Burgasser (3+2). In total, five more Stars would pull weight for scoring, eight for points. The collective effort should do a lot for Mile High Moving forward as they attack the weekend, trying to pickup speed to meet Parker for the Front Range Cup rematch.

mile high stars rbll coloradoIt was a timely game for Mile High to get to tighten the loose screws. They got their needed reps in early, then rotated through the lineup to make sure the roster was completely comfortable in the system. After his 8 points, Anger got most of the final period off to rest up, while the Stars played the two goalie system to get both goaltenders ready for the coming weekend. Brandon Scharaga (.800) and Kevin Willey (.857) faced quite a few outside shots from Colorado Springs, which they seemed to turn away with ease. In front of them stood a poised defense, driven by an powerful performance from Brad Mcgowan.

Nic Bevacqua (2+3), Shawn O’Rourke (3+0), and Mark Stapor (2+0) all worked up multi-goal nights, but points would drop off immediately after. Colorado Springs would never develop the depth they were hoping for, yet they can hang their hats on the efforts of guys like goalie Jake Henningman (.642). Taking on 53 shots, the tendy was able to thwart 34 of the calculated Stars attempts.

The Wolves aren’t completely out of contention yet. Colorado Springs can actually clinch the 3rd seed if the Buzz allow more than a 22 goal difference on Saturday. If they somehow end up tied, the next decider is goals for, which the Wolves currently lead by 12. Mile High can’t kick their feet up and coast it out. They have to square off with the Buzz, fighting for their lives, on Saturday, before turning around on Sunday to play for a chance at the Front Range Cup finals.

Sr. A: Rangers 17, Buzz 4 – 10/7

The rematch from last weekend didn’t go any better for Denver. Parker, on the other hand, used the opportunity to call up some budding talent from the B side, continuing to build depth. Making sure they’re completely poised for the postseason, they also took the chance to play both net-minders nearly equally.

Chris Lyons (.944) had an outstanding night defending the irons, shutting down 17 of 18 Buzz shots. His counterpart, Monte Montgomery (.842), saw 19 attempts in his 27:30 minutes, turning away 16 of them. Josh McDougall (.697) carried a heavy burden for the Buzz, but stood tall facing rubber 53 times and still making 36 saves.

Continuing to push the limit on the leader boards, Dan Finck had another massive night for the Rangers. Their fearless leader punched in another 3 goals along with 5 assists, spread nearly even across three period. The 8 point night places Finck as the overall Points and Goals leader and third in Assists. He’ll finish tied for first (17) across the IBLA with Aime Caines (Walleye) and Benton Souers (River Monsters) in regular season goals.

The 4-1 first period was as close as the contest would ever get, as the typical three for Parker continued to hammer in shots all game long. Tyler Snyder (4+2) led the way in scoring, pinning 4 against McDougall, while Clark Woodard (3+3) would match feet with the 6 point effort. The entire offense was finding a way to collect their tallies, forwards Bryant Boucher (2+3), Greg Martinez (2+1), and Ethan Heritage (1+0) all chipped in, along with transition staples Nick Amendt (1+1) and Travis Wrenn (1+0).

Parker is showing no sign of slowing down now. The 6-0 Rangers have scored nearly two and a half goals for every one of their opponent’s, 91 total on the season. They’ve clinched the overall top seed in the RBLL Colorado playoffs and get the coming weekend off to watch the one-game playoff. The Buzz have to go again, potentially twice, this weekend. Saturday’s game with Mile High will decide if they can hold on to meet the Stars again on Sunday in the first round, fighting for the third seed.


Hastings Walleye won RBLL Minnesota in six games over Week 6. Along with Portland, they’ll await a RBLL Colorado champion to meet at Nationals.


Portland River monsters won RBLL Oregon in five games over Week 7. Along with Hastings, they’ll await a RBLL Colorado champion to meet at Nationals.

Playoff Picture

1st Seed

Parker Rangers (6-0) Clinched top seed in Front Range Championship Cup
2nd Seed. Will await the winner’s of Sunday’s Wild Card for the final on Saturday (10/21).

2nd Seed

Mile High Stars (3-2) Clinched second seed, a home game, in Wild Card playoff on Sunday (10/15) at 7pm in the Foothills Fieldhouse.

3rd Seed

The third seed will be decided with the result of Saturday’s final regular season game, featuring the Denver Buzz and Mile High Stars.

Denver will clinch the third seed if they allow less than a 22 goals difference, giving them the edge in the tiebreaker.

If the Wolves and Buzz are tied in Goals Against after this game, the next tiebreaker rule is Goals For, which Colorado Springs currently leads by 12. For the complete seeding rules and playoff format, visit the Colorado site.

Saturday’s game can not change the seeding for the Stars, regardless of the outcome.

Weekend Schedule

RBLL Colorado

Mile High Stars at Denver Buzz – Senior A
Saturday, October 14th at 7:00 pm
Foothills Fieldhouse – Denver, CO

Colorado Springs Wolves at Parker Rangers – Senior B
Saturday, October 14th at 7:05 pm
Parker Fieldhouse – Parker, CO

Mile High Stars vs #3 Seed – Senior A
Sunday, October 15th at 7:00 pm
Foothills Fieldhouse – Denver, CO

RBLL Oregon

Portland River Monsters win series, 4-1.
Portland will meet the winner of RBLL Colorado on November 4th, 2:15 pm, at the Parker Fieldhouse in Parker, CO.

RBLL Minnesota

Hastings Walleye wins seires, 4-2.
Hastings will meet the winner of RBLL Colorado on November 4th, 7:00 pm, at the Foothills Fieldhouse in Denver, CO.