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Recruiting Tips and Tools

The recruiting process for many people is often uncharted territory. For some they are seasoned pros, while others are navigating it for the first time. It can be intimidating, but it shouldn’t paralyze players and parents. You are the consumer and as a customer you are trying to find the best fit. For youth lacrosse players aspiring to play at the collegiate level, there are many important tips to keep in mind to enhance their chances of getting recruited. Here are some recruiting tips and tools to consider:

Recruiting Tips and Tools

  1. Skill Development and Training:
    • Continue to develop your fundamental lacrosse skills such as stick handling, shooting, passing, ground balls, and defensive techniques. Work with coaches, attend clinics, and engage in individual training to continuously improve your skills. YOU’RE NEVER A FINISHED PRODUCT!
    • Develop a strong lacrosse IQ by studying the game, watching high-level games, and analyzing different strategies and plays. Understanding the game at a deeper level will make you a more effective player. Ask lots of questions.
  2. Strength and Conditioning:
    • Continue to work on your overall physical fitness and conditioning to enhance your performance on the field. Build strength, speed, agility, and endurance through regular workouts and training sessions.
  3. Participate in Showcases and Camps:
    • Attend lacrosse showcases, camps, and tournaments where college coaches are likely to be in attendance. These events provide valuable exposure and opportunities to showcase your skills.
    • Research and identify showcases and camps that attract college coaches from the programs you are interested in. Take advantage of the chance to interact with coaches, receive feedback, and make connections.
  4. Create a Highlight Reel:
    • Compile a well-edited highlight reel showcasing your best skills, game footage, and notable performances. Include a variety of plays that highlight your strengths and versatility as a player.
    • Make sure your highlight reel is easily accessible and shareable through online platforms like YouTube or Vimeo. Share it with college coaches and include it in your communication with them.
  5. Academic Performance:
    • Maintain strong academic performance throughout your high school years. Good grades and a solid academic record are important for gaining admission to college and attracting interest from coaches.
    • Research the academic requirements and standards of the colleges you are interested in to ensure your academic profile aligns with their expectations.
  6. Attend College Prospect Days:
    • Many colleges offer prospect days or clinics specifically designed for prospective student-athletes. These events provide an opportunity to visit the campus, interact with the coaching staff, and showcase your skills in a college environment.
    • Research and register for prospect days at colleges you are interested in to get a firsthand experience of the program and demonstrate your abilities to the coaching staff.
  7. Seek Guidance and Support:
    • Seek guidance from your high school coach, club coaches, and mentors who have experience with the college recruiting process. They can provide valuable insights, advice, and connections to college coaches.
    • Engage in open communication with your coaches and express your aspirations to play at the collegiate level. They can provide recommendations, references, and guidance throughout the recruiting process.
  8. Be Proactive and Network:
    • Take an active role in your recruitment process by reaching out to college coaches, expressing your interest in their program, and sharing your athletic and academic profile.
    • Attend college lacrosse games and interact with coaches if possible. Send personalized emails or letters of interest to coaches, expressing your enthusiasm for their program and sharing relevant information about your lacrosse experience and achievements.
  9. Balance and Perspective:
    • Maintain a healthy balance between lacrosse and other aspects of your life, including academics, family, and personal interests. College coaches often value well-rounded individuals who can manage their time effectively.
    • Keep in mind that the recruiting process can be competitive and challenging. Stay positive, focused, and determined, understanding that the right opportunity will come with hard work and persistence.
  10. People. Places, and Things:
    • Social Media can help or hinder your recruitment. Use it as a tool to build, not to break down. Be Smart with what you post. If you wouldn’t say it or show it to your mom or coaches face you probably shouldn’t post it.
    • Everyone is watching. Treat people and situations as if there is a camera on you because often there is. Colleges check social media.
    • Surround yourself with good people, go to good places, and do good things and you will have no issues.

Remember, the recruiting process can be complex and vary for everyone. We all want to be the Number 1 recruit going to Syracuse or Duke, but that reality isn’t for everyone. Don’t be afraid to reach but know your limits academically and athletically. Stay dedicated and work on improving your skills. Actively engage with college coaches to increase your chances of being recruited. This is YOUR process. Ask lots of questions. Don’t be timid. This is your future, and you have a right to know.