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Regy Thorpe, Paul Day: Lacrosse Classified

On this week’s edition of Lacrosse Classified, we continue our Stampede Tack team previews with two division rivals in the New York Riptide and Philadelphia Wings, one of which is a new expansion team and one that is in its second season as we talk with Regy Thorpe and Paul Day.

Regy Thorpe, Paul Day: Lacrosse Classified, Ep. 51

We speak with the head coaches and general managers of both teams, Regy Thorpe from the New York Riptide and Paul Day from the Philadelphia Wings.  How are the people of Long Island taking to the return of professional lacrosse?  What do the Wings need to do to improve their 4th quarter performances this year?  And how close are the Wings to being a playoff team this year?  It might be closer than you think.

Also in News and Notes, Jake and Evan reflect on what was the first year of Lacrosse Classified and how far the program has come over that time.

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