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China lacrosse team Day 1
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Sons of China: Day 1

Editor’s Note: Dylan Bassham is back and this time he’s giving us the day by day for the Chinese National Team. Hearing the stories from the player’s perspective is an invaluable resource we’re glad to share. Don’t miss this great piece Dylan wrote for us a while back highlighting the Chinese lacrosse history as well as his connections to the game.


Day 1 of #Denver2014 kicked off on June 7th as we left airports all over the world for Colorado. Although I arrived in Denver with about half of my teammates only a few hours ago, I find it ironic that I start out this article and blog with the title Day 1.

This journey has been many days and years in the making and it has finally arrived. China will be participating in its first World Lacrosse Championships and I am lucky enough to be in the center of it all.

My China Lacrosse journey started spring 2013 while I was visiting my grandparents in Beijing. I was interested in seeing what lacrosse was being played but could only find the Shanghai Lacrosse organization, run by Team China head coach Mike Elefante, and the Asian Pacific Lacrosse Tournament to be held in Beijing that June. Long story short, I was able to get in contact with Coach Mike and participated in my first, as well as China’s first, international lacrosse tournament where we were able to make it to the bronze medal match.

Since then, Mike Elefante and his coaching staff has collected the best individuals in China as well as players in America and Canada who he believes truly are dedicated to the growth of the sport in the middle kingdom.

China lacrosse was not fortunate enough to be able to come early to the States as other teams were able to do. One of our teammates is even missing the opening ceremony and will come directly to our 8 AM game July 11th (the first game of the tournament, other than the USA vs. Canada game by the way) straight from the Denver International Airport!

Although our team won’t be physically complete until literally the opening whistle, we all have the same goal in mind. We all want to show off what China Lacrosse has to offer and prove to the world that we deserve respect in the international lacrosse community.

China flag in Denver University dorm
China flag in Denver University dorm

Many people have dedicated thousands of hours and dollars to turn this dream into a reality. A big, deserved thank you to all of the parents, coaches, players and volunteers who created this opportunity for China Lacrosse.

This is certainly not “Day 1” for China Lacrosse, and it is certainly not the last one either.