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Nick Rose's new rock goalie helmetq

Gear Drop: Nick Rose’s Rock Masterpiece

Do you smell what The Rock are cooking? Check out Nick Rose’s new Toronto Rock goalie helmet.

Nick Rose’s new Toronto Rock goalie helmet is a work of art. See it for yourself below and be mesmerized by this pop culture masterpiece.

Also, if you didn’t know, Nick Rose is the man and you should be following him on social media. If Rose and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson met, they’d probably get along so swimmingly well that lacrosse would end up the focus of The Rock’s next big blockbuster hit. Nick Rose would absoluty co-star in it.

What Would Dwayne Johnson Do?

You know just as well as we do that if The Rock played goalie, he’d never let the ball hit the net. So if wearing this dome is what it takes for a goalkeeper to think “WWDJD?” every time that ball is coming at him, we say more power to him!

This is a pretty neat concept considering the moniker in common and pop culture reference. How cool would it be to get The Rock out to a Toronto Rock game this season?!

The Rock and Rose: Co-Stars At Last

Nick Rose's new rock goalie helmetNick Rose's new rock goalie helmetNick Rose's new rock goalie helmetNick Rose's new rock goalie helmet

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