Seahawks running back Alex Collins
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Seahawks Running Back Dominated High School Lacrosse

Earlier this week, Seahawks running back Alex Collins appeared on the “Danny, Dave and Moore” show on 710AM ESPN Seattle after scoring his first NFL touchdown.

Making the most out of two snaps against Atlanta on Sunday, the former Arkansas Razorback and Heisman Trophy candidate stuck this one in the end zone:

According to 710 ESPN Seattle producer Eric Mandel, part of the radio interview involved some confident words from the Seahawks running back about his previous experience with one of his favorite sports – lacrosse:

I love lacrosse, man. It was awesome. It was awesome. It wasn’t fair back then because I was bigger than everybody. I had fun, though. The parents didn’t like me on the other team, though.

Collins continued:

I used to get parents screaming at me all the time because I just used to lay kids out on the field and you’d hear the parents on the sidelines screaming at the refs like, ‘Get him out of here.’

I was not nice out there.

Mandel explained that Collins picked up lacrosse during his senior year at South Plantation High School in Florida and shared the mixtape below along with a few timestamps to watch out for:

:45 – Jukes two opponents so hard they collide
:57 – He literally de-cleats his opponent
1:18 – Spins ’em around in circles
3:09 – Does the weave

On the radio show, Collins said there are more highlights that never made it to the mixtape. Lacrosse All Stars has reached out to his publicist to request access. In the meantime, we had a little fun and created the Alex Collins video mashup at the top of this story. Hope you enjoyed!

Head over to for more from Mandel and listen to the full radio show featuring Alex Collins.

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Alex Collins, Seahawks Running Back

Collins was chosen by the Seattle Seahawks in the fifth round as 171st overall pick of the 2016 NFL draft.